Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work in the labs, carefully building the world’s best and only real estate management platform.

We’ve talked with our customers and industry experts alike to find out what Sisu can do to better drive forward their business. A lot of those ideas are implemented in this new version, and the rest are on our product road-map for near-term, future updates.  

IMPORTANT NOTE ON UPDATE: The new mobile app-update will be pushed out to the app store on Friday night, 5/18. Users will need to update their application on the morning of Saturday, 5/19 in order to maintain functionality with new Sisu platform.

The desktop application will be updated Saturday and users may experience minimal downtime.


What’s New In This Sisu Update?

Personal dashboards. Dashboards are a core feature of Sisu. The existing team dashboards let teams know how they’re doing at a glance. We love walking into a Sisu team’s office and checking out their team data, displayed proudly on big screens across the office. Now, agents will be able to quickly analyze and digest that data about their personal performance.

A new mix of data. Sisu is all about data. It’s the information our platform provides that allows teams to take their business to the next level. You’ll notice that we’re now tracking conversion ratios, volume and closed units for the month and year, as well as many other important data sets.

Separation of buyers and sellers. This is one of the desired features we’ve been hearing from our customers and influencers in the industry. In this new release, agents and teams will now be able to set goals and track separate data for buyers and sellers.

New display mode, look, and feel. Our dashboards have a completely new look and feel, which will look even better around your offices with the new display mode with four different rotating screens. You’ll just have to see it.

Add new agents. Administrators will now be able to manually add, remove, and edit agents on their team.

Simplified “add client” process. Users can now import a contact from their address book as a new client in the Sisu mobile app. There is also a new plus button on the bottom right of the mobile dashboards, where they can add new clients.

All kinds of reports. Agents can take a look at all different kinds of weekly, monthly, and yearly data in the reports tab, both on their desktop and in their mobile app.


It Only Gets Better From Here

Like I mentioned earlier, we have all kinds of ideas in our product road-map, developed by our team and some of the brightest minds in technology and real estate.

These include amplified gamification features, replacing your current spreadsheets, integrations with your favorite real estate technology, and even more powerful insights for your business.

We’re only getting started, and couldn’t be more excited or grateful to have you on board.

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