Data is the new x-factor for leading real estate brokerages, teams, and agents.

We’ve been talking about data for a while now on the Sisu blog. One of our most important posts talked about how you can get the most out of your real estate CRM data. CRMs are absolutely packed with important data about your clients that will be critical in executing this new, data driven approach to real estate.

If your CRM doesn’t have a culture of data sharing (or worse, holds that data hostage), you’ll have a tough time leveraging that data to grow your business. On the flipside, sharing that data between applications will really give you an edge over competition.

With that, we’re excited to be partnered with Moxi Works, a company that loves data as much as we do and offers a top of the line CRM solution. The integration is under way, and here’s five reasons why we’re excited.

See the official press release here!

Teamwork Doesn’t Just Make Everything Work…

It makes everything work better. We should mention that Moxi Works isn’t just a CRM vendor. They offer an open cloud platformthat enables data sharing between over 40 different real estate tech solutions!

Moxi Cloud

Think of all the data that could be used across all of your services. Not just the Moxi Engage CRM, but their other solutions as well – such as Moxi PresentMoxi Talent, and Moxi Websites. On top of that, they integrate transaction management, communication services, and dozens of other solutions from their partners. Pair all that together, and you’ll have insights your competition doesn’t even know exist.

Moxi’s making that all happen with their open cloud platform, and we’re stoked to be a part of it.

Automation = Happy Agents

Here’s a particularly attractive aspect of sharing all of this data – automation!

Sisu is built for teams who want to take their business to the next level through dedication to tracking and analyzing sales activities. Before Sisu, top producing agents were already doing this through spreadsheets. Now, it’s all taken care of (in a much more simple and effective way!) inside our platform.

But what if agents didn’t have to manually input that data at all?

Imagine, for example, if every time someone progressed from prospect > lead > buyer/listing agreement > under contract > closed, it was automatically tracked for you? This (and more) is possible by combining the Moxi Engage CRM and Sisu.

Single Point of Entry

Moxi Engage offers complete end to end management of leads. It’s the perfect place to track leads through the entire buyer’s journey, until they end up as happy customers.

Sisu is built to track sales performance – not to manage the relationship with your clients. However, it’s necessary to have names tied to the data in Sisu so that agents and teams know where the revenue is coming from.

The partnership between Sisu and Moxi creates a single point of entry and collaboration between the services. This way the data will be more clean, accurate, and easy to maintain. Your transaction coordinator will love it, and everyone on your team will be able to see who’s coming down the pipeline at a glance.

End to End Lead Management and Sales Accountability – A Match Made in Heaven

So, single point of entry and data sharing makes for clean, up to date, and accurate data. Now, what can you do with that data to drive sales?

That’s our specialty. You take the data, create beautiful dashboards, and plaster them all over your office. I’m not talking about printed reports or emails – I’m talking about 60 inch flat screen TV’s that beam pure performance data straight into your agents brains every time they walk into the office. You also take those dashboards into team meetings and mentoring sessions so that every conversation is based on real-time information.

Gamifying the Data

Let’s take this one step further, and make this a fun and competitive process for real estate teams. With the massive amounts of clean and accurate data pulled from the Moxi cloud, you’ll be able to create real estate contests like never before. For example, if your team is running low on listing agreements (listings are always a strong sign of a healthy business), a team lead would want to run a contest that to improve performance. They’ll set the parameters in Sisu and point values that promote desired activities, then offer incentives that motivate agents.

With the sales competition in place, agents will be motivated to go out and drive results. With the data stored in the Moxi Cloud and across their other real estate tech solutions, they’ll have all the data they need to be effective. They’ll be able to track down expired listings and previous clients, and the software will automatically log all of their efforts and update the scoreboard.

The possibilities are endless when you start to integrate data and tech solutions!

Start Leveraging Real Estate Data

A study by research group Active Rain looked at trends between successful and average real estate agents. It showed that successful real estate teams are 87% more likely to use CRM technology. Additionally, studies show that teams who track and analyze their real estate activities will see at least a 25% increase – likely much, much more (we’ve seen teams double their top line revenue).

It seems that smooth talking and likeability used to be all an agent needed to win their share of the market, but, now, top producers rely on technology and big data. The market is changing and the leading competition is adapting.

We’re very excited to be a part of the movement and see where this partnership takes us.

We’d also both love to consult with you for free and help find the tech solutions that will work best for your team!

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