Sisu Affiliate Introduction


10% lifetime commission. You’re an industry thought leader, a real estate or mortgage sales top earner and inspiring to your peers. Join the Sisu Affiliate Program today and turn your trusted recommendations into income.

An affiliate program worth your time & effort

We are in the business of motivating, inspiring, and improving professional real estate teams and brokerages. Our affiliate program is designed with this in mind.

10% lifetime commission

Get recurring payments for Sisu customers you refer. We’ll be happy to pay you multiple times - as long as they stay with us.


Our affiliates at no extra cost get a personalized themed setup of Sisu. Your logo, your colors, your on pace, off pace and goal achieved color. When you elevate and personalize your brand... your customers and agents notice.

Events and Campaigns

Our affiliate programs are foundational to our growth so we are constantly running events and campaigns in conjunction with our affiliates..

Referral Discounts Exclusively Available Through Affiliates

We offer certain discounts to our customers ONLY when referred with an affiliate's unique affiliate code.

Live Conversion and payment reporting

Always know which of your referrals have converted, and importantly how much commission you have been paid.

Flexible Affiliate Links and tools

Leverage our powerful affiliate system by creating your unique links for social network posting, emails, affiliate coupon codes and more.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on your network and your program assignment, it can go up to 10% lifetime of each full price recurring software as a service payment made by a referred user. In a case of a discounted price, the commission will be reduced by the percentage amount of the discount.

We pay you 30 days following the conversion and payment of your subscribing referral, and every time your referral continues to subscribe to our Sisu platform… lifetime. This ensures a consistent and continual revenue stream.

Commission payments are made via PayPal.

Our team provides many tools and resources to ensure that the Sisu Affiliate Program is successful for both of us.

Our affiliate tracking system makes it extremely easy to share Sisu related information to your real estate or mortgage professional network or your real estate or mortgage coaching clients.

You can post personalized, value added social posts to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn network using your unique tracking link all with 1 click.

Each affiliate also receives a unique affiliate tracking coupon code that your referral can use when purchasing for affiliate only provided customer discounts.

When your referral purchases a Sisu subscription, our system automatically knows that you referred the customer based on your tracking cookie. 

If your referred users signs up with a Sisu subscription within 60 days after they click on your link you will get your commission. Cookies are valid for up to 60 days

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