Get Your Agents Fired Up With Our In-House Performance Coach

One of the biggest things we hear our clients say is “I don’t want to be a cheerleader… my team should have the fire to do the work!” Let our in-house trainer fire up your team every week and ignite them to take action.

Justin is our in-house trainer, performance coach at The Utah Life Real Estate Group, and a powerful speaker and motivator who spoke 300+ days/year on the road as head trainer for Tony Robbins. If you’ve heard Justin speak, you know he’ll have no problem bringing the heat. He’ll get your agents fired up and inspire them to own their numbers in Sisu and take action on the activities that matter most. Click on the video link to your right to check out one of Justin's group coaching meetings.

Value-packed coaching to help Sisu clients transform their business.

Access to one of the most dynamic speakers in the country.

Justin Nelson is our in house performance coach and trainer. In his time as a traveling trainer for Tony Robbins, he spoke 300+ times/yr to basically every business imaginable. He’s trained fortune 500 executives, and he’s trained the trainers of fortune 500 executives. His trainings are dynamic and engaging, and each one will have your agents fired up with specific, actionable takeaways.

If you’ve heard Justin speak, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t—check it out here.

Summit-Style Transformational Coaching

Agents go through ebbs and flows with their motivation, which is why training can be so difficult. It needs to always be fresh, relevant, purposeful, and filled with energy.

Sisu Agent Coaching is built around time-bound summits in order to inspire action and change. The beginning of each summit will be focussed on goals, metrics, and objectives. Our trainer will help them visualize the world they want to create, and the metrics that will take them there.

Throughout the training they’ll be focussed on making that vision a reality and taking tactical steps towards their goals. They’ll be motivated to track all of this in Sisu and live in a world of reality. They’ll be drastically out-producing the majority of agents who don’t track their numbers or treat their business like a business

It’s a mix of vision, motivation, and results that is always fresh, relevant and effective.

Two Purposeful Weekly Zoom Calls

Your agents will have access to two live Zoom calls each week with Justin. The first will be a full-featured training with actionable takeaways.

The second will be a Q&A and accountability follow up to the first.

Your agents will also have access to the vault of historical coaching sessions so that they can always revisit and re-sharpen their toolset.

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Customer Story

Justin and his team were early members of this coaching program, before it was offered to Sisu clients and saw incredible results.

“Four months ago my life was forever changed when we headed to what we thought was just a tech conference for one of the software systems that we use, Sisu. We were not expecting what we received which was a full blown look into one of the most amazing real estate teams I have come across in my 15 years in the business, lead by Spring Bengtzen and Justin Nelson.

During our visit we jumped at the opportunity to join their program to see behind the curtains. They delivered and grew our business in ways we could not imagine in four short months. We happily accepted the invite into their private Inner Circle which is the selected few who they choose to continue to coach, mentor and grow.

We just wrapped up an amazing few days in AZ with some of the best minds in and out of our industry to help us grow and push our businesses to the next level. Dustin and I are grateful for these two beyond words.”

Justin Taylor
The Agency RE

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sisu Coaching cost?

What’s the commitment?

How does this work with our in-house training?

A lot of our clients still love training their agents, and that’s great! Sisu Agent Coaching is more around the accountability of knowing where you’re going and the numbers it will take to get there. We’ve found the external accountability is extremely healthy, increases Sisu agent adoption and keeps you from having to be a constant cheerleader/bad guy when numbers aren’t being hit. Most teams don’t have a full-on motivational speaker to lean on, which is why adding Sisu Agent Coaching is the perfect addition to your existing in-house training.

Is there coaching for my leadership?

Still have questions? Chat with our team.

You’re busy. We want to help you figure out if Sisu Coaching is right for you, and the easiest way to do that is to jump on a call. On a call we can cover any questions you have about the program and talk about options for getting started!