It’s with great excitement that I announce Sisu’s partnership with Vyral Marketing!

There are many ways to grow your real estate business, but in the end, it comes down to two core activities:

  1. Get more leads
  2. Convert more leads

Vyral marketing has a brilliant system for building an audience, expanding your influence, and dominating your section of the real estate market. Here’s an excerpt from the Vyral Marketing Blog that explains what this looks like, from one of their clients.

“(Bret) and his agents speak with “x” number of people a week and they (should) end each conversation like this:

‘Hey Bob it was great speaking with you. Before you go, what you hear in the national media about real estate is not what’s happening here with home prices. We run a local Silicon Valley real estate newsletter with videos we send to our clients twice a month. These videos will help you make smart real estate decisions, and they help connect the community. What’s your best email address? I’d like to send them to you, they are really helpful and I think you’ll enjoy them.’

When you show up with value this way, the person on the phone will give you the most important asset in marketing – permission to communicate with them to build the relationship!

Now, you just add them to the Vyral Marketing Plan which is your 33-touch campaign.

This is how you turn no’s into eventual yes’s. Not everybody is ready to buy or sell a home, but they will be one day. This is how you stay top of mind.

So how do you measure and track that this is happening? That’s where the partnership comes in.

You Can’t Grow What You Don’t Measure

There is one key metric that measures how well you’re growing your audience.

New Subscribers Added.

Seeing as this is one of the most important metrics you can be tracking in real estate, we made it a point to make it extremely easy to track and visualize from one easy location.

Vyral customers will be able to easily integrate their Emma marketing automation system with Sisu to visualize the number of subscribers added over any time period. Here’s what it looks like:

Sneak peak at what Sisu + Vyral Marketing looks like

Of course, that’s not the only thing we’re tracking in Sisu, but it’s one of the key components of building a subscriber base and ultimately generating leads.

The second key component of your real estate business is converting those leads. How many opportunities did your agents have? This is usually represented in the form of first time appointments or new “hot” leads added to their pipeline. How many of those did they convert? What’s the conversion ratio?

When you start to look at your business this way, you can identify points of weakness and reinforce them. Don’t go into coaching meetings with a topic that isn’t related to the data—you may end up wasting your time. You might be talking about phone scripts when, in reality, that isn’t the problem. The problem might be converting those appointments once you set them, or the problem might be getting on the phone at all. Or, the problem might be lead gen. See what we’re saying?

Measuring all of these key metrics opens the door for growth, gives you everything you need for efficient coaching that’s worth your time, and ensures that your team capitalizes on the money and effort you spend on lead generation.

Be sure to check out our friends at Vyral Marketing, specifically their real estate video marketing plan. Their efforts will help you dial in part one of this equation: growing your audience and influence. Then, we’ll measure those efforts in Sisu to ensure you’re capitalizing on all of those efforts.

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