Real estate key performance indicators

How Broker/Owners and Team Leads Use Key Performance Indicators To Transform Managers Into Leaders

Being a manager is simple. That is, if you have a great leader. A great leader will simplify things for you, set clear expectations, and show you exactly what you need to do to succeed. This is tough work. As … Read More

Real Estate SOPS

How SOPs and 10X Communication Dramatically Diminish The Stress Of Running a Real Estate Business

Entrepreneurship is stressful. Some days are absolutely insane. We get this at Sisu and I’m sure you get your fair share of insanity running your own business. One thing’s for sure—you can’t do it yourself. You are 100% responsible for … Read More

Looking To 2x Your Team’s Sales Numbers? Here’s Why Accountability Probably Isn’t Your Answer

Accountability has become quite the buzz word in our industry. At Sisu, we certainly have a lot to gain from that. We have the best solution for accountability on the market. With that, you’re probably wondering why I’d write a … Read More

Improve the processes around the forms that run your real estate team.

A Better Way To Manage Your Agent-Facing Forms And Processes

There is a process that I’ve found very common with real estate teams across the entire industry. They need a hand off point between the agent and the transaction coordinator or admin staff. A lot of times it’s because the … Read More

If your real estate firm buys paid ads on any social media or advertising platform, you need to be tracking these 9 real estate KPIs.

If You Don’t Track These 9 Metrics, You Might Want To Rethink Buying Real Estate Leads

Paid advertising is a time-proven method to growing your real estate business. It’s a favorite for many of the real estate teams and brokerages I’ve worked with because: It’s scalable. Once you establish profitable systems, you scale them up. If … Read More

Sisu established partnership with Better Homes and Gardens to deliver its recruiting accountability platform for real estate

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Revolutionizing its Talent Attraction Strategy by Providing Data-Driven Solution to its Network Through Sisu Platform

A note from Sisu CEO, Brian Charlesworth: It’s been a pleasure to work closely with Better Homes and Gardens COO, Rich DeNicola, over the past few months, in making this vision a reality. When we first started discussions about our … Read More

Our CEO, Brian Charlesworth, appears on the team building podcast with Jeff Cohn of Elite Real Estate Systems

[WEBINAR] Goal Setting, Metrics & Accountability for Team Leaders With Jeff Cohn

Our CEO, Brian Charlesworth, made an appearance on Jeff Cohn’s “Team Building Podcast“, where they chatted about accountability going into the new year. Jeff is owner of Omaha’s top producing real estate team, innovative coaching company Elite Real Estate Systems, … Read More

How to build a real estate database and pull more commissions out of it with Sisu and Vyral Marketing

[WEBINAR] How to Get More Commissions Out Of Your Database With Frank Klesitz From Vyral Marketing

This is a webinar that we did together with Frank Klesitz from Vyral Marketing. Vyral offers an ingenious 33-touch video marketing plan for real estate teams to stay in contact with their database, build relationships, and then consistently and predictably … Read More

Announcing Sisu’s New Integration With Vyral Marketing

It’s with great excitement that I announce Sisu’s partnership with Vyral Marketing! There are many ways to grow your real estate business, but in the end, it comes down to two core activities: Get more leads Convert more leads Vyral … Read More

Real Estate Accountability That Works

Tips for a (Realistic) Real Estate Team Accountability Strategy

Leaders in the real estate industry are FANATICAL about accountability and productivity. It’s the topic of almost every conference we go to nowadays. Why? Well, it might be a little work, but as a team leader or broker/owner, it’s the … Read More