How To Convert Real Estate Leads Into Opportunities

Here’s what I teach the teams we work with: every lead won’t convert to a happy client, but every lead certainly has a defined value.  You determine that value with your efficiency in converting them to the next stage in … Read More

Work Smarter By Dialing In These Real Estate Conversion Ratios

There are two ways to increase the top line revenue of your real estate business: expand (add more agents) or optimize (increase output per agent). If you’re only focused on recruiting, you’re giving away half of the business that you … Read More

Building and Maintaining Momentum

There’s no room for the shy or timid on the seat of a bicycle flying down – or up – a steep hill on a mountain bike.   The stakes are high and if you don’t control the mountain, it … Read More

Sisu 5/19 Release Notes

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work in the labs, carefully building the world’s best and only real estate management platform. We’ve talked with our customers and industry experts alike to find out what Sisu can do … Read More

How to Train a Top Producing Real Estate Agent

Let’s talk about a common mistake I’m seeing in real estate today. There are two ways to grow your business – recruit more agents to sell more homes, or teach your existing agents to become top producers. Both are critical … Read More

The Moneyball Sales Strategy

In 2001, the New York Yankees had just barely competed in their fourth consecutive World Series. With their massive fan base living in Manhattan, ticket sales were as high as always – allowing baseball’s “evil empire” to continue steamrolling the … Read More

Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate CRM Data

If you look at the software that runs your business, your real estate CRM and your transaction management systems are the heart that keeps your real estate business alive. It manages your relationships with the people that keep you in … Read More

5 Reasons We’re Stoked to Partner with Moxi Works

Data is the new x-factor for leading real estate brokerages, teams, and agents. We’ve been talking about data for a while now on the Sisu blog. One of our most important posts talked about how you can get the most out … Read More

Make Real Estate Number Tracking and Analysis a Reality

Achieving Gary Keller’s Real Estate Vision It’s been 15 years since Gary Keller wrote his best-selling book, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”, which laid down the foundation of his massively successful brokerage. One of the key lessons taught in the … Read More

Why I Wouldn’t Miss Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Summit This May

Teams are taking over real estate. The structure of 10-15 agents with a competent, ambitious team leader has proven a win-win for everyone involved. I’ve seen many agents get inspired to build their own team. It’s ambitious pursuit—and definitely not … Read More