Task Management, Templates, and More New Features That Make Sisu a Project Management Platform

We’re always in search of those key features that open new windows for our users. Task management is one of those that we’ve had in mind for a while, and it opens up a completely new angle for how you … Read More

High performance real estate team through Covid-19

Crushing It Through Covid-19: A Sisu Case Study

The purpose of this post isn’t to downplay COVID-19, it’s impact on the economy, or the challenges it’s created for real estate businesses across the country. Rather, this post should highlight the massive opportunity that lies underneath chaotic and uncertain … Read More

Real estate brokerage profitability

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Real Estate Brokerage/Team Profitability

In the wake of market-crashing global paranoia and a deadly disease spreading across the nation, we’re grateful over here at Sisu that we’ve had the opportunity to talk to some of the leaders of this industry. These conversations have been … Read More

Sisu Web And Mobile Updates | Feb 26, 2020

We’re excited to release some new and highly requested updates to the Sisu platform—including features which speed up workflow on tracking transactions/activities, display updates for leaderboards, and a brand new “change history” update that allows you to see the change … Read More

Sisu Platform Updates | Feb 6, 2020

Hey everyone! A bunch of new updates just barely hit the Sisu platform today and we’re excited to share with you. Brand New: The Listing Price Changes Report (Beta) This is a brand new report that has been highly requested, … Read More

Sisu 2.56 Release: Custom Fields and General Platform Enhancements/Fixes

We’ve been hard at work making the Sisu platform a more powerful tool. Our 2.56 release comprises mostly of bug fixes, enhancements, and general usability updates with one big update—the ability for the Sisu team to create any custom field … Read More

New Sisu Release Focussed on 2020 Business Planning: Sisu 2.52

Even though we’ve just started Q4, everyone’s already got their eye on 2020. It’s time to finish out the year strong and set sights going into the new one. Sisu’s 2.52 release is centered around updates improving the goal setting … Read More

Our Biggest Mobile App Release Yet! Sisu Mobile Version 2.20

2.20 is our biggest Sisu mobile app release to date, coming just in time with enhancements for iOS 13. (Prefer video? Check it out below) Enjoy the revamped user interface, which includes all of the metrics you’re used to seeing … Read More

Revamped Sisu Transaction Management Interface: Product Update 9/19

Once you’ve got your data entered into Sisu, you should be pulling insights out of it left and right. The newly released transaction screen makes those insights even more accessible. You can now pair filters based on any field in … Read More

(NEW UPDATE) Dynamic Agent Grouping & Reporting + Other Reporting Updates

Real estate brokerages and teams come in all different types of groups, sizes, teams, squads, whatever-you-want-to-call-it, so your reporting should be able to break down at those levels as well. We’re excited with our Jul 23, 2019 release to present … Read More