Real estate spreadsheets suck

Real Estate Spreadsheets Aren’t Just Clunky—They’re Selfish

I have a method for determining if anyone in the real estate space—be it a coach, team leader, broker, advisor, guru, you name it—actually knows what they are talking about. Anyone who claims they can help you grow your business … Read More

Sisu Product Updates 9/30—Gamification, Calculator, and Push Notifications

If you’ve looked around on our top menu bar in Sisu lately, you’ll have noticed a lot of new features for you to play around with. Let’s break down a few of these recent updates and how to use them. … Read More

Hello, I’m Sisu

Hello, I’m Sisu It’s an interesting name, I know. My creator has a habit of naming his children in foreign European languages. Just ask his daughter, Kästle. Sisu is a Finnish concept that means bravery, determination, grit, courage, resilience, etc. … Read More