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Increasing Boomtown! CRM agent engagement

Real estate broker owners and team leaders are inundated with “new shiny tech” that promise more leads, better ways to communicate, market and sell to your clients. To recruit and retain your real estate agents you have to provide this … Read More

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Our CEO, Brian Charlesworth, appears on the team building podcast with Jeff Cohn of Elite Real Estate Systems

[WEBINAR] Goal Setting, Metrics & Accountability for Team Leaders With Jeff Cohn

Our CEO, Brian Charlesworth, made an appearance on Jeff Cohn’s “Team Building Podcast“, where they chatted about accountability going into the new year. Jeff is owner of Omaha’s top producing real estate team, innovative coaching company Elite Real Estate Systems, … Read More

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Sisu and Rokrbox are real estate technology that together help increase conversion ratios for real estate teams

[WEBINAR] Josh Cunningham With Brian Charlesworth: Motivating a New Generation of Real Estate Agents

Check out this webinar that we did together with Josh Cunningham, CEO or Rokrbox, which appeared initially on Rokrbox offers lead conversion services for real estate teams. Josh speaks with Sisu CEO Brian Charlesworth about motivated, inspiring, and coaching … Read More

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Real Estate Team Culture

[WEBINAR] How Spring Bengtzen Has Created One Of The Most Impressive Real Estate Team Cultures We’ve Ever Seen

This is a webinar that we did with Spring Bengtzen, team leader of The Utah Life Real Estate Group who grew from 100-200 transactions in just 12 months after dialing in her accountability program. She is one of the first … Read More

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How to build a real estate database and pull more commissions out of it with Sisu and Vyral Marketing

[WEBINAR] How to Get More Commissions Out Of Your Database With Frank Klesitz From Vyral Marketing

This is a webinar that we did together with Frank Klesitz from Vyral Marketing. Vyral offers an ingenious 33-touch video marketing plan for real estate teams to stay in contact with their database, build relationships, and then consistently and predictably … Read More

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How Jared Zimmer created his real estate accountability program to close 80+ deals/year

[WEBINAR] The Iron Man Agent: How Jared Zimmer Closes 80+ Deals With 20+ Hours of Outside Commitments

This is a webinar that we did with Jared Zimmer, a Re/max team leader and five year Mike Ferry Organization coach. He has an impressive accountability mindset that has allowed him to close 80+ personal deals each year despite massive … Read More

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Announcing Sisu’s New Integration With Vyral Marketing

It’s with great excitement that I announce Sisu’s partnership with Vyral Marketing! There are many ways to grow your real estate business, but in the end, it comes down to two core activities: Get more leads Convert more leads Vyral … Read More

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Replace your real estate spreadsheets with custom KPI dashboards and visuals

Why Real Estate Spreadsheets Aren’t Cut Out To Lead Your Team

I like to think I have a way to determine if anyone—be it a coach, team leader, broker, advisor, guru, you name it—actually has the ability to help you (or anyone) grow their real estate business. Anyone who claims they … Read More

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Real Estate Accountability That Works

Tips for a (Realistic) Real Estate Team Accountability Strategy

Leaders in the real estate industry are FANATICAL about accountability and productivity. It’s the topic of almost every conference we go to nowadays. Why? Well, it might be a little work, but as a team leader or broker/owner, it’s the … Read More

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Sisu Product Updates 9/30—Gamification, Calculator, and Push Notifications

If you’ve looked around on our top menu bar in Sisu lately, you’ll have noticed a lot of new features for you to play around with. Let’s break down a few of these recent updates and how to use them. … Read More

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