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Get the Most Out of Your Real Estate CRM Data

If you look at the software that runs your business, your real estate CRM and your transaction management systems are the heart that keeps your real estate business alive. It manages your relationships with the people that keep you in … Read More

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5 Reasons We’re Stoked to Partner with Moxi Works

Data is the new x-factor for leading real estate brokerages, teams, and agents. We’ve been talking about data for a while now on the Sisu blog. One of our most important posts talked about how you can get the most out … Read More

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Make Real Estate Number Tracking and Analysis a Reality

Achieving Gary Keller’s Real Estate Vision It’s been 15 years since Gary Keller wrote his best-selling book, “The Millionaire Real Estate Agent”, which laid down the foundation of his massively successful brokerage. One of the key lessons taught in the … Read More

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Why I Wouldn’t Miss Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Summit This May

Teams are taking over real estate. The structure of 10-15 agents with a competent, ambitious team leader has proven a win-win for everyone involved. I’ve seen many agents get inspired to build their own team. It’s ambitious pursuit—and definitely not … Read More

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Set Yourself Up for Success

Your goals are of incredible value. They’re a part of your dreams and the things you wish to accomplish. When you know where you want to go in life, you start to identify specific actions that you need to take … Read More

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Introducing Updated Sisu Real Estate Sales Leaderboards

Keeping score is at the core of what Sisu does because understanding performance is the key to any improvement in real estate sales. When agents understand their performance, they have the foundation to go forward and drive better results. With … Read More

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Why Every Real Estate Agent Should Time Block

We live in a distracted world. Top real estate agents, the ones creating the lions share of GCI, combine dedication with laser-like focus that allows them to go deep in their work, as opposed to their distracted counterparts who just … Read More

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The Value of Automated Scoreboards in Sales Contests

My entire life, I’ve had an obsession to blur the line between work and play. It’s easy to enjoy work when you’re having fun.   I’ve found that competition is a great way to do this, whether I’m competing against … Read More

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The Value of Competition in Real Estate

It’s hard for me to imagine one of the world’s greatest athletes, 216 pounds of god given talent standing at six and a half feet tall, curled up in the fetal position; yet, there was Michael Jordan on the night … Read More

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Why I Chose to Hire a Real Estate Coach

Here’s a motivating thought for the day: to be massively successful, you don’t have to come from an extraordinary background. You don’t need to have one in a million experiences or opportunities that provide you with the incredible knowledge. There … Read More

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