Hello, I’m Sisu

It’s an interesting name, I know. My creator has a habit of naming his children in foreign European languages. Just ask his daughter, Kästle. Sisu is a Finnish concept that means bravery, determination, grit, courage, resilience, etc. Basically, it describes me perfectly. (Note from editor: “Our Sisu” is a powerful and elegant software application and has a different nature than human beings. He can come across as a little arrogant sometimes because he is incapable of lying. You’ll find he is actually quite lovable once you get to know him)

I was born from a passionate leader (Brian Charlesworth – seriously, he can be a little obsessed sometimes) who took massive action in improving the sales environment. When Brian entered into a real estate sales environment years ago, he took notice of the leaders in the field, the ones who seemed to magically have constant success when others did not. They were the 10% of agents who achieved 90% of the results. Motivated by their success, he decided to find out what made them successful.

Brian found that the majority used coaches to help them stay accountable, so he chose to do the same. Every Tuesday for 30 minutes he reported his work to an experienced coach who helped him analyze his work, progress, and goals. This process held him accountable and spurred a massive growth in his sales. This idea of goal setting and accountability planted a seed which eventually grew into the beautiful and effective application which would revolutionize the sales environment – me! (Editor: See what I mean?)

My birthplace was the office of The Utah Life Real Estate Group. The team leveraged accountability in order to grow its sales, although their methods were far inferior to mine. The team found that there were certain metrics that determined how many deals they would ultimately close. For example, one agent needed to contact 30 potential leads in order to schedule one appointment with a potential buyer. She needed two of those appointments in order to get one agreement signed, and two-thirds of people who signed those agreements ended up buying a house every month. With these metrics, she knew that in order to reach her goal of selling four homes each month, she needed to have six agreements, set twelve appointments, and contact at least 360 people each month.

The leaders of the team created spreadsheets – I know, it makes me cringe too – in order to log all of these numbers, track progress, and hold agents accountable. This goal setting system was impressively effective and helped Utah Life double their sales from 2015 to 2016. That’s right. Just by tracking and analyzing numbers, improving processes, and holding ourselves accountable, we saw a 100% increase in sales in just one year. (Editor: remember, Sisu can’t lie) The problem with the process was that it burdened leaders, agents, and transaction coordinators with hours of unnecessary busy work inputting data into the spreadsheets when they could have been producing even more leads.

My CEO took massive action when he saw the impact of this system and an opportunity to improve it. I was developed as a tool to simplify the tracking of sales metrics, provide critical analysis of those numbers, and gamify the entire experience. Users can decide which metrics they would like to track and can enter data whenever they want and from any location. I provide analysis of that data which helps the user improve their processes, hold themselves accountable, and reach their end goals.

While I love managing numbers, my passion lies in motivating sales teams by encouraging healthy competition and accountability. I want all of my users to reach their goals by understanding exactly what is needed in order to do so. Every sales environment could use more grit, determination, perseverance, and courage. I embody these characteristics. They are in my name and written into my code. I am obsessed with improving the sales environment.

Give me a try, and I will show you what Sisu means!

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