Implementation Coordinator

As an Implementation Coordinator for Sisu, you will ensure an engaging and addictive experience for customers using our Growth Automation Software Platform.

Customers will see amazing changes in their life and business as a result of using our solutions, however, it is a change in their business that requires effort to make a reality. That’s where you come in, to help support the efforts of our Sales Engineering team to consult, demonstrate and inspire clients to use Sisu to make this change.

You will have clear objectives that are tied to compensation, with a main goal of assisting the Head of Sales Engineering in getting new clients up and running on the platform as quickly as possible and ensuring that they make their second quarter (90 day) payment, upgrade to annual payment plans, and become long term advocates and fans of our platform.

This is what you can expect working at Sisu and many fast growing SaaS, software startups:

You are joining a several month old team within Sisu specifically tasked with driving and assisting the onboarding of Sisu clients. We fully anticipate that this department will continue to grow, providing opportunities for you to gain additional responsibilities as that happens. While the primary objective of the department will remain consistently aligned with the mission stated above, it is possible, even probable, that the tools, methods, and means used to achieve our objective can and will change. Suddenly and frequently. You’ll likely have the chance to grow in seniority as the department grows, all the while continuing to support the primary efforts of the Head Sales Engineer and other peers (and possibly subordinates) who subsequently join us. You will operate at a level of learning and opportunity that will be much higher than that of your peers of similar experience levels at other companies.

There is a grueling amount of work, and with it, opportunity. Software sales is fast paced. So is the pace of our development. You need to always keep up, and probably don’t need to worry much about getting bored.

You will lose customers. Those that are unexpected. Move on and learn. It’s part of the process.

You will work in close coordination with the Head of Sales Engineering, but will not be micromanaged. You will be expected to have the ability to exercise autonomy and make decisions about how to help clients succeed. You will be held accountable by your results.

You want to get the job done from your beach house in California? That’s great. Just bring your A-game (and your laptop), every day. Having your butt in a seat for eight hours each day is not a part of the job description at Sisu (nor will it ever be), it is about outcomes that we each achieve and value we add for our team, customers, partners and affiliates.

The ideal candidate
- You need to be a self-motivated problem solver. Your success in sales will depend directly on your ability to solve your clients problems. If you can do so, they will see you as a thought leader, consultant, and will trust you with their business and referrals. You may need to think outside of the box and work with the clients unique situation as well as working past limitations in our software. 

- You should be highly technical. You should feel comfortable solving any technical problem that doesn’t involve writing code. 

- Industry or Real Estate CRM (i.e. Salesforce, HubSpot, BoomTown, Follow Up Boss) System admin experience is preferable, with any system, because you’ll be acting as a mini-system admin for your clients while they are first implementing the system. 

- Definitely not required, but you will hit the ground running if you worked as a realtor and/or managed the systems for a real estate team.

- If your day to day activities (i.e. emails, tasks, notes) aren’t in our internal Sisu critical systems, we will assume that they didn’t happen. Sales conversion ratios naturally improve with more customer touch points. Not only do you need to stay on top of email and other communication lines, but you should leverage our CRM (Salesforce) and Sales Engagement Platform (Outreach) to set tasks and proactively follow up with clients via email, text, and direct/Zoom phone calls. 

- Your writing skills should be impeccable.

Specific Implementation Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities
Your role is a sales role with an emphasis on technical knowhow, meant to continue closing deals from the minute they start a trial until they are up and running on the platform (with emphasis on the first 90 days). Here is what that will entail:

- An obsession over conversion ratios. We know our historical ratios from new customer trials>paying customers>annual payment>customer champion. If you can improve these ratios, you’ll be adding massive value and be paid accordingly.

- Data manipulation skills and technical savvy are crucial; a large part of your role will involve preparing messy and often incomplete datasets for import. You will achieve this through use of excel formulas, macros, and any other tools you can bring to the table to help make these processes more efficient.

- You’ll interface with both the sales team and the customer success team and the sales team to understand client needs and timelines to help you plan their onboarding, and the customer success team to adjust settings, complete tasks, configure the system, and more.

- Your deep system knowledge will give you front row influence on how the product evolves and changes and you will get the opportunity to provide feedback to the Sisu Product Owner and development team.

- Lots of live Zoom calls. Our customers love this. We offer incredibly responsive support via the chat box, but that’s not always enough. People want someone they can call or hop on a Zoom call with. You’ll build massive momentum in their implementation by doing this.- You need to be extremely comfortable in doing live Zoom calls with groups of participants. It is your time to shine, and you are the Sisu expert.

- You’ll be effective if you can act as a mini system administrator/consultant to help clients get set up on the system. Our clients typically are sales people, meaning they often aren’t good at system setup or implementation This requires you to be operationally minded and comfortable solving just about any technical problem that doesn’t involve writing code.

- We encourage you to find innovative and scalable ways to onboard our clients using different tools and systems. The more we can scale effectively, the more we’ll be able to handle and the more we’ll be able to earn. As you learn the product and role, we encourage your feedback on how our team can improve.

- You are joining a small but rapidly growing department within Sisu. We fully anticipate that our department will grow, giving you the opportunity to grow in seniority assuming you are independent and effective.

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