A letter from our CEO

Sisu Coaching is the fastest path to an insane ROI with Sisu. Hear it from our CEO:

“When I got into real estate, I was obsessed with shortening the learning curve. I didn't want to spend a year learning how the list-side business works. So I hired a coach. That first year, I did 48 transactions. I couldn't have done that without a coach.

Sisu Coaching is the same. You can spend the next year trying to figure out the best way to integrate Sisu into your business—or, you can jump into coaching to shorten the learning curve and develop even better leadership skills.

It's one thing to have Sisu set up. It's another thing to have it integrated into your business. How do you use it in your 1-on-1's? How do you create vision for your leadership team in your Level 10 meetings? What exactly do you need to do so that you can double your transactions without adding admin headcount? How do you use Sisu in your recruiting?

That's what you'll learn in Sisu Coaching. You'll learn it faster from our team who has perfected it over the past 5 years.”

Brian Charlesworth
Founder & CEO of Sisu

Value-packed coaching to help Sisu clients transform their business.

Duplicate proven processes from a team that’s been there.

The Utah Life Real Estate Team is Sisu’s flagship team. Sisu has served as the backbone of their business since early 2017. In that time, they’ve gone from ~100 to 700+ transactions, 3 to 78 (and counting) agents, and created leverage for their leadership to go out and start multiple other businesses.

Ever wonder how a top team uses Sisu in team meetings? One on ones? Recruiting? Transaction management? How to ensure agent adoption? They’ll break down all the playbooks for you so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

12 Modules for Explosive Growth

The course contains 12 modules, each focussing on a different section of your business and teaching unique leadership skills.

Each module includes specific, actionable homework—including how to implement what’s being taught inside of the Sisu system.

The modules include Agent Attraction System, Virtual Assistants, Culture of Production & Growth, Lead Gen Strategies, Director of Operations, Meetings & Metrics, ISA’s- Hiring, Onboarding & Managing, ISA’s- Details, Leadership Growth Plan, Retaining Your Leaders, Team and Role Integration, and TC Training.

Direct Access via Weekly Zoom Q&A

Each week you’ll be able to jump on a Q&A via Zoom to ask anything you want about any of the modules. You’ll be surrounded by peers who are also focussed on building their business and growing in the same way you are.

The sessions are led by the course creators, Spring Bengtzen and Justin Nelson. Spring is the creator of The Utah Life and owns multiple ancillary businesses. Justin is our in-house trainer who trains hundreds of agents each week and spent 300+ days on the road speaking to every business leader imaginable as a coach for Tony Robbins.

Proximity is power. One of the most important parts about the leadership training is access to the leaders who built the course, so that you can build connections and go incredibly deep on the training.

Our Partners

Customer Story

Justin and his team were early members of this coaching program, before it was offered to Sisu clients and saw incredible results.

“Four months ago my life was forever changed when we headed to what we thought was just a tech conference for one of the software systems that we use, Sisu. We were not expecting what we received which was a full blown look into one of the most amazing real estate teams I have come across in my 15 years in the business, lead by Spring Bengtzen and Justin Nelson.

During our visit we jumped at the opportunity to join their program to see behind the curtains. They delivered and grew our business in ways we could not imagine in four short months. We happily accepted the invite into their private Inner Circle which is the selected few who they choose to continue to coach, mentor and grow.

We just wrapped up an amazing few days in AZ with some of the best minds in and out of our industry to help us grow and push our businesses to the next level. Dustin and I are grateful for these two beyond words.”

Justin Taylor
The Agency RE

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from normal implementation /account management services?

How much does Sisu Coaching cost?

What’s the commitment?

Does this replace my existing business coach?

Absolutely not. Sisu coaching is built specifically for Sisu teams who want to speed up the Sisu learning and agent adoption curve and use the platform at an incredibly high level. You’ll want to keep your regular one-on-one business coach as Sisu doesn’t provide one-on-one coaching, we only provide group coaching through these modules and FAQs.

Is there coaching for my agents?

How do I learn more?

Still have questions? Chat with our team.

You’re busy. We want to help you figure out if Sisu Coaching is right for you, and the easiest way to do that is to jump on a call. On a call we can cover any questions you have about the program and talk about options for getting started!