Accountability has become quite the buzz word in our industry.

At Sisu, we certainly have a lot to gain from that. We have the best solution for accountability on the market.

With that, you’re probably wondering why I’d write a headline like the one above.

If I were out selling homes (like I was when we first came up with the concept of Sisu) then yes, personal accountability would 100% be my plan for growth.

But that all changes when you’re leading a team. Accountability might help, but it’s not going to 2x your bottom line. Not even close.

In fact, unfounded accountability programs might hurt your sales numbers. You could see your entire organization atrophy because your accountability wasn’t built on a solid foundation.

So yes, the right type of accountability is extremely important.


If you’re looking to 2x, 3x, or 10x your sales numbers… you need something much more powerful.

You Need Leadership

Meet accountability’s wise, scalable, and much more effective uncle—leadership.

The best part about leadership? If you have leadership, your accountability efforts will be infinitely more effective.

You could inspire the same progress in your team with monthly 1:1 meetings that most owners do with weekly 1:1s.

You’ll have more success driving culture. Recruiting agents. The work-life for everyone at your office will be higher energy, higher production and more fun.

Accountability without leadership is nothing. So you should focus first on leadership.

I Talk To Owners All Day Long… Here Are The 3 Biggest Challenges I See

The Dichotomy of Leadership is an excellent read written by two hardened Navy Seal’s.

It takes an incredible amount of leadership to get people to follow you through the thick and thin, potentially even to their death. So I put a lot of weight on what they have to say.

Here’s a favorite quote that I’ll paraphrase:

Leadership means winning (completing the mission) at all costs. That doesn’t mean you can be over-bearing or recklessly aggressive, it actually means that you need to have perfect balance.

Our Sisu team and I spend much of our workdays working with team leaders and broker owners creating opportunities for growth in their businesses.

Here are the dichotomies (or fine lines) that I see leaders in our industry most commonly struggling to balance:

  1. The dichotomy of production. You are your teams best producer. That’s why you got to where you are. If you don’t do anything production related, sales will suffer. If you’re in the weeds selling homes all day, you’ll lose your strategic vision of the company and it’s direction. Solution: Set the example. If you tell your sales team to prospect, then make sure you’re spending time on the floor pounding the phones with them. Let them close the leads so that they also get a taste of success. The respect you’ll gain from prospecting and handing off a lead is 10x more valuable than the commissions you would have earned (and that’s how you build credibility to more effectively lead). Not only that, but you’ll free up your time to lead your company.
  2. The dichotomy of accountability—as mentioned earlier. If you are too hands-on, it’s going to eat up all of your time. If you are too distant, you’ll be too out of touch to positively influence. Answer: The more weight your accountability meetings have, the more time you can free up for high-level objectives. This requires conversations that are meaningful (personal) but also relevant (data-driven).
  3. The dichotomy of innovation. You want to change processes that you know will help your group improve. You also know that sometimes, these new changes will slow you down initially before you see the positive impact. This could kill morale. Solution: You need to communicate the “why” at all costs. It’s on you to convince and inspire your team that the direction you’re taking, although harder, is the right direction. That is leadership.

One Last Thought

There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.

If you think your team is the problem, you’ve already lost.

Take absolute ownership of your business and you’ll find yourself empowered to do things you never thought possible.

If you are more concerned for yourself than the people that work for you, you will ultimately lose. But if you put the team first, and make your true goal—not your own success—but the success of your team and their mission… If you, as a leader, put others above yourself… If you care for your team first and foremost… then you will absolutely win. That’s what leadership is; the pure goal and righteous intent of putting your people and the mission ahead of yourself.”

― Jocko Willink, The Dichotomy of Leadership
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