Real estate brokerages and teams come in all different types of groups, sizes, teams, squads, whatever-you-want-to-call-it, so your reporting should be able to break down at those levels as well.

We’re excited with our Jul 23, 2019 release to present dynamic agent grouping—which allows you to sort your agents into all different kinds of groups or teams and run your reports, challenges, dashboards, etc by these different groups.

The feature is simple to use. Go to admin>team settings. From the left-hand menu, select “groups”. You can create as many groups as you want, and manage the agents in each of these groups on the fly.

Then, when you dive into your dashboards, reporting, leaderboards, contests—you name it—, you’ll have those different options for reporting.

Not to be forgotten, you’ll notice that we’ve updated all the reporting on the platform to include custom date ranges. This will allow you to look at dashboards (and more) over any time range you want. Specifically, this will be helpful for a lot of you out there who like to meet with their agents weekly to review numbers.

Check out the video above explaining how it all works, and we appreciate your feedback in continually building our platform!

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