We’ve been hard at work making the Sisu platform a more powerful tool. Our 2.56 release comprises mostly of bug fixes, enhancements, and general usability updates with one big update—the ability for the Sisu team to create any custom field at your request!

Custom Fields in Sisu

Previously, you were only able to use fields that were defined by the entire system to be used by all Sisu users. Now, we have created the functionality where you could have a field completely unique to your team—for example, “Brian’s Custom Tracking Field” or any other name you want to put on it.

This feature is usable only by request through the Sisu success team while we continue to harden this feature. For example, if you were to create a “Price” field which duplicates the “Transaction Amount” field, your reporting would be thrown off across the platform.

Need a custom field added? Just email [email protected] or hit us up on the chat, and we’ll get it in there for you.

Usability Updates

  • When you download transactions into a spreadsheet, they will now format according to the order you have set up on the transaction sheet. Fields that you are not using at all will no longer clutter the downloaded file.
  • Quick search added to transactions page, allowing you to quickly find transactions based on names and addresses
  • Based on your configuration, you can completely hide the commission form from agents
  • Allowing removal of ‘None’ as type on lead source admin page
  • “Pending” tile on team/personal dashboards updated to include transactions with an under contract date and a closed date or forecasted closed date greater than today and less than the view end date.
  • Display leaderboards on team dashboard can now be completely removed if desired from admin>team settings>preferences.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix for lost transactions not being counted under signed in dashboards
  • Bug fix to active listings query
  • Bug fix to forgot password
  • Bug fix to UI rendering on snapshot page when no data exists (needed for new year)
  • Bugs fixed where snapshot graphs didn’t match transaction sheet numbers
  • Bug fix to average listing price calculation
  • Bug fix for address state selection regarding inclusion of international states and provinces

Still Here?

Alright, you’re still here, so we’ll give you a little easter egg. Check out this new design we’ve been working on for more visually managing transactions. It’s not available yet, but it’s in the works!

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