Sisu Joins Moderne Ventures Passport

When we started Sisu, we had a feeling that we were onto something big. The opportunity to create a full-fledged coaching and accountability platform—one backed with a real database, professional design, and gamification (as opposed to existing spreadsheet-based solutions). Of course this is something the industry needs, we thought.


Anyone who’s built a company knows that you can’t go at it alone. Success depends on a combination of what you know, who you know, and who knows you.


That’s why we’re excited and honored to join the Moderne Ventures Passport Program, an industry immersion program designed to foster innovation, partnership, and growth between industry partners and new emerging technology companies.


Moderne Ventures is a leader in investing, mentoring, and networking between technology companies that are innovating within real estate, mortgage, finance, insurance, and home services—multi-trillion dollar industries that make up well over 20% of the US GDP and are ripe for innovation.


They’ve worked with successful companies such as DocuSign, Updater, August, Better, Hello Alfred, TaskEasy, Homesnap and Leaselock.


Sisu was one of seven companies selected out of over 4,500 reviewed by Moderne this year. We are excited for the next seven months as we participate in growth-accelerating and networking opportunities that will help us continue to expand as a company and, most importantly, create even more value for our customers.


You can read the press release about Moderne Ventures Passport Program and the latest class here.

Brian Charlesworth

Founder and CEO



Note: What do we do at Sisu? We improve accountability. Here is a place to start: assess your sales teams accountability/efficiency score. 



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