How to build a real estate database and pull more commissions out of it with Sisu and Vyral Marketing

This is a webinar that we did together with Frank Klesitz from Vyral Marketing. Vyral offers an ingenious 33-touch video marketing plan for real estate teams to stay in contact with their database, build relationships, and then consistently and predictably pull commissions from those contacts. Sisu partnered up with Vyral a few months ago, integrating with their platform to track the key metrics that bring new subscribers into the database.

Every single day, you and your real estate team talk with hundreds of potential clients about real estate.

You’ve probably noticed by now that not all of them are ready to purchase a home.

So when somebody tells you that they aren’t interested because of timing, what do you do? Does the conversation end there? What if there was a way that you could make this time a win for both you and the client?

Frank Klesitz and the Vyral Marketing team have built an entire business out of this, and they call it building and establishing a relationship with your database. It’s about asking one quick question at the end of each call that goes something like this:

“Hey John, it’s been great talking with you today and I’m happy to hear that you are content with your current home situation. My team does research on the market every single month, as well as pointing out trends in the overall industry. We send these out periodically via email. Would you mind if we add you to our database to send these insights? What is the best email address for me to add?

This quick conversation will start to build a database that you can stay in touch with and build a relationship with on autopilot. You’ll build your SOI and be able to create predictable commissions on autopilot.

Sisu, of course, ties in by allowing you to track how many conversations you’re having. The integration with Vyral marketing will allow you to automatically track new subscribers added to your database without your agents having to manually track the number.

Watch the webinar above for more! Here are a few of our key takeaways:

  • Spring discussed how she tracks her database through Sisu by making sure they add two new people a day. They focus on adding valuable content and nurturing their database with the strategies recommended by Vyral Marketing.
  • Spring talks about how they are able to track their agents’ numbers by using the Sisu app. This allows her an easy, convenient way to track their progress.
  • Brian shares how important it is to update the goals on your dashboard in real time. Doing this allows you to make important decisions daily to continually improve your business.
  • Spring explains how the implementation of a dashboard has benefited their agents by holding them accountable to post on the dashboard and making them proud to produce good numbers.
  • Spring discusses the method in which she segments their leads so they are given the right attention based on their likelihood to convert.
  • Brian shares the difference between two types of team leaders and how following the right example will allow you to grow your business.
  • We recommend you download the official video marketing plan found here: which goes over everything covered on this webinar more in-depth.
  • If you would like more information about Sisu, check out
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