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Put your agents' growth on autopilot with gamification and positive accountability using this guide that has over 15 pages of gamification frameworks, checklists, success stories and more.

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About the eBook

Our eBook includes 12 actionable tips that help your agents reach their goals without constantly reminding them with gamification

2 Success Stories

Real life examples of teams who used these processes, how they used them, and how they won.

3 Checklists

Quick, actionable lists you can run through to create positive change in your business.

7 Focuses & Frameworks

System building blocks that lead to scalability and growth with much less headaches.

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The right point system in a contest is like adding rocket fuel to your compensation plan.

Except you might not just be compensating with money anymore. You can compensate with recognition, accomplishment, team camaraderie and more.

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