Teams that consistently track their key business activities in Sisu are adding an additional 1-2 transactions each month.

Sound nice? Try it now.

We’ve built the most complete solution in the industry for tracking the key performance indicators that drive your business.

You’ll enter the data from your phone and we pull it all into sleek, easy to analyze dashboards and leaderboards.

Visualize what is achievable.

See More & Sell More

Understanding performance is the key to improving performance. You’ll know exactly what’s happening with your sales activities, making it easy to identify areas for improvement. That’s the first step to growing your business.

Keep Score Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Tracking performance is simple with our mobile app. Everything can be logged from the field. We’ll pull that data into leaderboards so that you’ll always know who’s on top. Low on contacts for the month? Start a competition! Sisu creates a fun, competitive environment.

Accountability Through Visibility

It’s hard to hold yourself or your agents accountable without real-time data. Our dashboards break down your performance and help you dissect what’s in your pipeline. You’ll never be in the dark about how much you’ll make (or how you can make more!) 

Sisu Team

The ultimate real estate sales solution for teams and brokerages. We offer simple data tracking with our mobile app that plugs into sleek dashboards, leaderboards, and accountability reports — ensuring you get the most out of your data.

Sisu Real Estate Team Management

Eliminate Your Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are old school. In addition to tracking your pipeline revenue data, your transaction coordinator can live inside of Sisu, editing and managing transactions from a central location.

Data Driven Decisions

Data tells a story. It can tell you if you’re having trouble turning contacts into appointments, for example. You can use those insights to invest in the areas of your business that need it most.

Smarter Coaching Meetings

When you know how each of your real estate agents are pacing towards their personal and team goals, 1-on-1 meetings are focused, productive and effective. No more guesswork.

Digital Motivation & Real Rewards

Create a fun, competitive environment with challenges, leaderboards, and scoreboards. Run contests and incentivize the whole team to achieve goals together.

Sisu Real Estate Management

Sisu Agent

Don't have a team? Or are you looking for a way to become your team's top producer? You can get all the features of Sisu Team at a reduced price for your own personal use.

Sell Smarter, Sell More

After using Sisu for 90 days (or less) you’ll have an accurate picture of your conversion ratios. How many contacts does it take you to set an appointment? How about for a closed deal? You’ll know all of this.

Personal Real Estate Sales Dashboards

Written goals are effective, but what about goals with an entire database, mobile app, and software platform to support them? That is what we’re talking about. You’ll always know if you’re on pace to meet your goals.

Create Your Own Sales & Activity Goals

Not only can you track your goals towards the most important activities (closed deals, clients under contract, etc.) but you can track any other activity you’d like. Got yearly exercise goals? Track those too!

Always Know Your Income

How much will you make this month? Sisu gives you real-time projections of your in pocket income in any given period, as well as the value of your pipeline, clients under contract, and more.

Pricing and Versions

Sisu Team

Get the platform for your entire team.

Sisu Agent

Similar features at a discounted rate for solo agents.

Pricing and Versions

Sisu Team

Get the platform for your entire team.

Sisu Agent

Similar features at a discounted rate for solo agents.

  • "Do you want to dramatically improve productivity for yourself or your team?
    Accountability is the key and Sisu Team provides the best accountability
    platform in the industry!"

    Rick Davidson
    Former President and CEO of CENTURY 21 ® Real Estate

  • "Our team is using Sisu’s new app, dashboards,
    and accountability reports. So far we are loving it!
    We are on top of our numbers and our pipelines like
    we have never been before. If you haven’t checked it
    out yet, I recommend it."

    Juli Facer, KW Legacy

  • "I doubled my income last year by tracking my
    numbers, knowing my conversion ratios and
    focusing on my required activities to achieve
    my income goal."

    Pat Lundin

  • "In our industry where it’s simply a numbers game,
    Sisu makes it simple and easy to track my numbers,
    keeping me focused on my end goal."
    Paul Burger


Take of advantage of your transaction and activity data in your real estate CRM, transaction management and spreadsheet systems.

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