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Sisu Client Portal

Real estate transactions are a lot of work. You already know this, but do your clients? Now, with our Client Portal, buyers and sellers gain visibility into the process with custom transaction roadmaps. Plus, they'll be kept in the loop from start to finish with instant notifications. It's like a pizza tracker, but for real estate. Watch a recorded webinar or schedule your demo!

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Show Your Value

Your admins and TC's know all the details behind every transaction and are already keeping tabs on progress, so why not leverage this and show potential clients why they should work with your team and not the competition? Contract to close roadmaps are formatted for print and easily insertable into your CMA or listing presentation to overcome objections like, “What exactly will you be doing for me?”

Control What Clients See

Transparency is great, but clients don’t necessarily need to see everything happening behind the scenes (spoiler alert: their closing gift). With Sisu’s roadmap and client facing app, you’re in complete control of what clients see. Marking items as “internal only” means they’ll only be visible to you and your team.

To Notify, or Not to Notify…

…that is the question! And it’s completely up to you. Easily keep clients in the know at every step of the process or just the big milestones. Gone are the days of consumers saying “I signed the agreement and never heard from my agent again.”

Set It and Forget It with Templates

Build as many roadmaps as you want using templates. You can make one for rentals or one for different market nuances (ex: different states, associations, etc.). For long or complicated processes you can even break it up using a template for things like listing to under contract and then another one for under contract to close.

Know Where It’s at, Wherever You’re At

Clients and agents can quickly see a transaction’s progress at a glance by checking Sisu’s road to close progress indicator charts and countdown timers. With automatic notification and updates, everyone stays in the know about what’s going on and how much is left to go.

Simple and Easy

Whether you’re building your first roadmap or inviting new clients to a transaction, the entire process is intuitive and straightforward. You can automatically invite clients to join or manually send the invite with just one click. All they need to do is enter their email address for secure and quick access to their transactions.

Don’t take our word for it.

"I found Sisu and realized that this is future of real estate."

"We were really deep in Trello with a lot of checklists. The big thing for us is that the processes with Sisu were similar with Trello, but the data was dead in Trello. If you get the data once and put it into a system like Sisu you can run reports and greatly reduce data entry time. An added bonus is that Sisu is always releasing updates and continuously expanding the platform."

Clint Neal

Clint Neal of The Neal & Neal Team in San Antonio
Went from 360 transactions to 450 ($124M) transactions in from 2019 to 2020 with the same number of agents and support staff

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You’re busy. The best way to get a feel for Sisu is to hop on a demo with one of our experienced account executives. They’ve worked with hundreds of teams to help them evaluate Sisu. You’ll walk away with a customized set of information that helps you evaluate exactly what to do next.

Already using Sisu? This add on has helped many of our teams scale and grow at a quick rate. Our team focused on recruiting can walk you through how easy it is to integrate with your current workflow in Sisu.

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