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Measure The Recruiting Metrics that Matter

With the click of a button, you can switch from measuring your production outputs to measuring your recruiting outputs. Track your prospecting activities and conversion ratios from setting appointments to signing new agents. Track your net retention and net agent growth.

Use Sisu for your onboarding checklists

Onboarding can become a nightmare. Sisu helps you eliminate disparate checklists and spreadsheets used to bring on new agents. Who are you interviewing in the next seven days? Who do you need to follow up with about your offer? Similar to how you can create task lists and transaction stages from your Sisu real estate platform, You can do the same thing in the add-on for onboarding agents, creating stages that they move through and tasks that are assigned to your administrative staff at each stage of the process. Kanban views let you see every recruiting process at a glance and drag + drop between custom stages.

The add-on becomes your agent roster

No more spreadsheets for keeping track of your agents and their details. Take your existing roster and have our team upload it. Recruiting also supports custom fields, so you can track just about anything about your agents and then run reports on it. Want to see who has a birthday this month so that you can do a combined birthday party rather than six birthday parties this month? Track your agents like you track your transactions for better retention and onboarding.

Recruiting Reporting & Forecasting

Sisu recruiting allows you to run reports and forecast the growth of your business. How many people are you set to onboard this month? How many admin are you adding to handle your agents’ growth? What lead sources are working for recruiting? What is your net agent retention? You can run an infinite number of reports in seconds.

Don’t take our word for it.

Ricky Cain is a realtor in Texas that has won the Five Star Realtor Award & is one of the 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in Texas.

“The recruiting platform that Sisu launched has made recruiting, on-boarding and off-boarding a breeze. It's completely automated these processes, and it's also made accountability quite easy with it's scoreboards!”

Ricky Cain

President at Cain Realty Group

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Already using Sisu? This add on has helped many of our teams scale and grow at a quick rate. Our team focused on recruiting can walk you through how easy it is to integrate with your current workflow in Sisu.

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