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Commission Templates & Plans

As deals near closing, you’ll be able to apply customized plans that handle all commissions on the deal. These plans will do all the calculations for you—caps, royalties, referrals, adjustments, multiple splits, you name it. With commission templates you’ll have less clicks and less room for error.

Deep Systems Integration

Your back-office shouldn’t be yet another place to enter data. Integration with CRM, eSignature, and other back office tools will help your team work efficiently and eliminate the need to enter data into multiple places.

Automatic CDA Generation

Once commission templates have managed the payouts for you and everything looks good, you’ll be able to click one button and generate a Commission Dispersal Authorization (CDA) right from inside the system. Complete with a signature, this document can be sent wherever you need it to authorize commission splits or detail them within your team.

Document Storage & Document Review Processes

Rather than keeping external file bins, you can keep all of your documents inside of Sisu. This makes them easy to send. It also makes them easy to review—you can create document checklists and a quick “broker review” process that makes it easy to approve, reject, or comment on documents. As a managing broker, you can go to one place each day to fly through your document review—approving, rejecting, commenting, and moving through documents all on one screen without needing to reload pages.

Profitability Reporting & Forecasting

With all your data in one place, it gets really easy to forecast and analyze your business. How much is set to close in the next week? What will the brokerage make? Who is our top-earning agent? How much did our Boston office pay out in referral fees? You can run an infinite number of reports with one click.

Automations & Process Management

Dropping the ball isn’t an option when it comes to back office management. Once you define your process, you can build it out into Sisu checklists and automations. If the admin team needs to have commissions logged three days before closing, and the broker needs to review one day after closing, and then an auto email needs to go out to the agent 4 days after closing... you’ll have a process that makes sure this happens every time. Commenting, collaborating, and daily task digests let everyone know what role they have to play, every day.

Don’t take our word for it.

"A back office solution that provides key-optics to agents"

Sisu elegantly ties agent leaderboards, dashboards and even gamification to back office metrics. This makes it so much easier to perform as an aligned team.

Sara Wodrich

Director of Operations at the Utah Life Real Estate Group

Integration Partners.

All your real estate technology solutions data visualized and gamified in real-time. Combine all the data from your systems into Sisu dashboards and leaderboards to make rapid data driven decisions and increase the accountability of your agents, inside sales agents, transaction coordinators, and real estate recruiters.

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