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Deep CRM Integration

Transaction coordinators do a ton. Duplicate data entry shouldn’t be part of the equation. Rather than starting transactions from scratch, the data from your CRM will already be sitting there for you to work with. This way you don’t have to re-enter anything—no re-entering basic contact information, lead source, lead creation date… nothing. And as you work the transaction in Sisu, we can often push it back to your CRM or into other back office systems that your brokerage might require (i.e. Skyslope).

Transaction Intake Forms

With Sisu, you’ll be able to put a good focus on the hand-off between agent and TC. You can build intake forms that ask your agents for the exact information and dates your transaction team needs to kick off a transaction or listing. Some of the data will be required. Some of the data will be auto filled with data from the CRM. Some of it will be completely custom fields that you can create and manage.

Transaction Management Checklists

All of the data that you collected from your intake forms will automatically kick off a transaction management checklist. For example, you could assign the transaction coordinator to order listing photos, and make this due seven days before the listing goes live on the MLS. As you scale, you can easily offload tasks to new team members with solid descriptions so that they don’t get lost. You can involve partner vendors (mortgage/title), agents, and other team members in these task lists.

Kanban, Task Manager & Calendar Views

You show up to the office. It’s work time. You need to know exactly what’s overdue, what’s due tomorrow, and what’s due in the next seven days. Taking a day off in three weeks? You can see which tasks are scheduled for that day on a calendar and get help. These daily task digests can be delivered to your inbox each day so that you know exactly what to work on. As a director of operations, you can watch your entire team to make sure that no task is ever dropped. Kanban views let you see every transaction at a glance and drag + drop between custom stages.

Automated Emails with Merge Fields

Because all your data from all your systems is housed in Sisu, you’ll be able to query all this data up into timely emails with merge fields. These emails can go out to anyone on the transaction. For example, you might want to send a message to the client, loan officer, title company, agent, and cooperating agent one day after a transaction goes under contract, and you want that email to contain {{closing date}}, {{due diligence deadline}}, {{financing deadline}} and more. You’ll be able to build all of that out and save yourself from having to send the same basic email for every transaction.

Document Storage & Management

Rather than keeping external file bins, you can keep all of your documents inside of Sisu. This makes them easy to send. It also makes them easy to review—you can create document checklists and a quick “broker review” process that makes it easy to approve, reject, or comment on documents.

Messaging & Notification Center

Ever felt like you send the same text/email internally multiple times to multiple people on the same transaction? Sisu has a built-in messaging center that supports @ mentioning, notifications to mobile/email, and comment threads per transaction, task, or document. This means you can plug in your agents, mortgage and title partners, and admin teams to create one source of internal communication. Say something once and everyones in the loop, and all communication is documented.

No Dead Data!

If your transaction management system is weak on reporting, you probably have a lot of “dead data”. This is data that you spend hours and hours to keep straight (dates, deadlines, amounts) in a system that can’t report on it. The end result is that most TCs also have to keep a spreadsheet for reporting. With Sisu, all of the transaction data that you work so hard to keep clean will be fed into beautiful dashboards, leaderboards, forecasts and more. See our sales performance management features.

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"We were really deep in Trello with a lot of checklists. The big thing for us is that the processes with Sisu were similar with Trello, but the data was dead in Trello. If you get the data once and put it into a system like Sisu you can run reports and greatly reduce data entry time. An added bonus is that Sisu is always releasing updates and continuously expanding the platform."

Clint Neal

Clint Neal of The Neal & Neal Team in San Antonio
Went from 360 transactions to 450 ($124M) transactions in from 2019 to 2020 with the same number of agents and support staff

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All your real estate technology solutions data visualized and gamified in real-time. Combine all the data from your systems into Sisu dashboards and leaderboards to make rapid data driven decisions and increase the accountability of your agents, inside sales agents, transaction coordinators, and real estate recruiters.

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