About Us

Sisu is a Finnish concept that means bravery, determination, grit, courage, and resilience, and was founded to elevate the real estate industry.

Years ago when the founder of Sisu entered the real estate industry as a new agent, he noticed the leaders in the field; the ones who seemed to magically have constant success when others did not, were the 10% who achieved 90% of the results. Motivated by their success, he decided to find out what made them successful.

He found that the majority used coaches to help them stay accountable, so he chose to do the same. Every Tuesday for 30 minutes he reported his numbers to an experienced coach who helped him analyze his activities, progress, and goals. This process held him accountable and spurred a massive growth in his sales. This idea of goal setting and accountability planted a seed which eventually grew into the Sisu platform.

Sisu was developed as a tool to simplify the tracking of sales metrics, provide critical analysis of those numbers, and gamify the entire real estate sales experience. We have evolved to provide a central hub of real estate transactions, consolidating disparate systems into one common view and providing a powerful collaboration tool for realtors and their vendor network.

While we love motivating and managing by data, our passion lies in motivating sales teams by encouraging healthy competition and accountability. We want all of our customers to reach their goals by understanding exactly what is needed in order to do so. Every sales environment could use more grit, determination, perseverance, and courage.