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Real estate analytics software combined with leaderboards, real-time agent coaching reports, and a flexible sales contest system ensures that team leaders, coaches and brokers always make data driven decisions and agents pace towards commission goals.

Real Time Data Analytics From CRM Lead Data to Agent Commission

Sisu pulls numbers in real-time from most major CRMs. You’ll be able to double down on the CRM as the core of your agents’ business and drive a culture of “If it didn’t happen in the CRM, it didn’t happen”—and you’ll be able to retire that clunky old tracking spreadsheet by adding all of your personalized KPI's.

TV Designed Rotating Dashboards & Leaderboards

Visible numbers tend to improve. Display rotating Sisu displays on big monitors in your office. There are typically two types of agents—agents who have to be number one, or agents who just don’t want to be at the bottom. Either way, you’ll tend to see about a 30% increase in the displayed metrics. Meaning if your agents were making 100 calls last week, they’ll be averaging 130 next week.

Agent Business Plans, Goal Pacing & Agent Coaching Reports

An agent tells you they want to make 200K this year. How do you get them there? You’d probably break that number down to the number of closings/month, and then break those closings down to the clients and appointments it will take to make it happen. Sisu will do the math for you and create personal displays for each agent. Hold them accountable to their plans with powerful real-time coaching reports and personalized pacing dashboards.

Lead Source Assignment, ROI, & Conversion Reporting

Leads are expensive and you need to make sure you close as many as possible. Sisu will sync with your CRM to tell you how many leads are coming in, who they’re assigned to, and who is closing them. You’ll know that agent A is better with Zillow leads, and agent B is better with PPC leads, so that you can distribute leads and coach accordingly. All of this data is backed with context on how much you spent on those leads so you know which sources deserve more investment.

Weighted Point Systems & Contests

Notice that your listing numbers are down? That’s the perfect time to run a contest around getting more listings. You’ll be able to create challenges with a custom point system—for example, 10 points for a conversation, 100 points for a listing appointment and 500 points if you sign a listing. Mix these in with your rotating displays and you’ll have an engaging contest without the headache of tracking or calculating points.

Forecasting & Profitability Reports & Agent Commission Visibility

Core to running a team is knowing where every dollar is coming from, and where every expense is going. Forecasting and profitability reports tell you exactly what’s set to close over a date range, which splits and fees are coming out of your commissions, and what your overall profitability is after every expense is paid. Importantly, agents always know in real time their commission payment in pace with their goals and how much they will make per transaction stage.

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"Sisu has become one of the main hubs of our business"

"We love the lead source ROI tracker to see where our investments in lead sources are paying off and making adjustments quarterly.   The accountability that we have on appointments with our individual teammates has increased our sales per agent which is our main focus.   In addition, being able to manage our ISA and hold him accountable has made a huge impact."

"Green Bay Greg" Dallaire

Broker/Owner at Dallaire Realty
Avg 30+ transactions/agent '19, '20, '21

Integration Partners.

All your real estate technology solutions data visualized and gamified in real-time. Combine all the data from your systems into Sisu dashboards and leaderboards to make rapid data driven decisions, provide data drive agent coaching, and increase the accountability of your agents, inside sales agents, transaction coordinators, and real estate recruiters.

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