Sisu Team

Brian Charlesworth

Chairman and CEO

Brian is an entrepreneur and business builder. He has built and sold companies in the software, telecommunications, and franchise space. He’s passionate about technology and focused on changing lives through driving technology forward.

Frank  A. Felice

Chief Revenue Officer

Visionary sales and marketing leader with years of experience in expanding technology startups through high growth to becoming multi-million dollar SaaS market leaders.

Sir Rick Newton

Senior Vice President of Software Development

Rick has a passion for crafting customer focused software solutions that quickly gain adoption and recurring subscription revenue, and building teams that embrace collaboration and product quality.

Trevor Edstrom

Vice President of Technology

Trevor enjoys getting his hands dirty with database development, scaling distributed systems, and software engineering.

Chris Kelley

Vice President of Design

Chris' focus is on interactive design, front end development, & animation for a vast range of digital products.

Zac Muir

Director of Marketing and Sales

Zac is blessed to do what he loves - writing content, driving traffic, building sales funnels for SaaS companies, eating unhealthy amounts of cereal and living his best life with his beautiful wife.🍚

Lauren Luker

Customer Success Executive

Lauren is a tireless customer advocate. In her spare time, Lauren and her hubby McKay write, direct, film and star in corporate training videos. 📹

Shane Taylor

Process & Systems Specialist

Shane brings a background of SaaS development, product management - and importantly running and growing a real estate team. We love our Sisu REALTORS® 💙

Andre Kahulugan

Sales Engineer

Andre loves solving providing astonishing customer service, helping Sisu customers excel professionally and competitive whistling.

Fetzie Veloso

Business Development Manager

Fetzie brings vast experience in sales, marketing, customer service and training from many verticals to Sisu. On weekends Fetzie loves eating pizza on the island. 🍕

Jess Santiago

Business Development Executive

Jess has over ten years of experience handling different sales roles and also a licensed professional teacher. She enjoys random road trips and most of the time she is getting lost.

Royal Bateman

Account Executive

Royal has a long track record of working in the SaaS industry. In his free time Royal produces rap videos and works as a promoter of up and coming rappers. 🎤

Brady Groharing

Mobile Development

Brady is a passionate Android developer, and a member of The Vanderbilt Melodores. 🎶 🎶

Braxton Alldridge

Head of Outbound Sales

Braxton "The Machine" Alldridge is a dialing maniac. In his spare time he loves watching sports, fantasy football, Fantasy Island, making spreadsheets for fantasy football and doing taxes.

Sean Siggard

Software Engineer

Sean joins our team of development artisans after working for a number of software companies. Sean was a former child actor who appeared in a number of national advertising spots. 🎥

Sheri McCartney

Customer Evangelist

Sheri loves solving complex problems, providing astonishing customer support, and competitive dog grooming. 🐕


Head of Sales Engineering

Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, photographer and sales engineer extraordinaire... Joe brings the heat. 🔥

Johhan Barba

Senior Software Engineer

Python developer, leader and motorcycle wizard. 🐍 🏍

Neriah "BJ" Ato

Software Engineer

Walking, talking, coding, QA Test and comedy genius. 🎤


Software Engineer

Expert developer, stylish dresser, and semi-professional dancer. 🕺

Tom Anthony

Software Engineer

Python and Java wizardry at its finest. On weekends Tom is a professional karaoke singer. 🎶

Makayli Nicole

Customer Success Executive

Makayli provides the voice of the customer to ensure #SisuSuccess and has a passion for writing, and creating content. Outside of working for she loves to play her guitar, travel, or do anything outside with her husband and puppy! 🎸


Sales Development Representative

Ryan is often the first impression made from Sisu with his silky voice and consultive responses. Ryan and his family host local neighborhood talent shows in their spare time.


Outbound Sales Representative

Carter aspires to start a SaaS company, so he thought working for a company that is constantly innovating and has high customer satisfaction would be a great fit to learn the ropes for his future aspirations. 🚀


Director of Product Management

Tony has 10 plus years working as a product manager, and has software expertise in Performance Management, Goals, HR/PR, Time & Attendance, and Gamification. When he is not working, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, road cycling, golf, and last but not least pickle ball.


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