Jason Morris - Author of "How to Be a FSBO Master" - 7 Tips To Get More Listings in 2021

Brian Charlesworth
October 8, 2020

[00:00:05] Jason, how you doing?

[00:00:06] You're doing great.

[00:00:07] I care about you, man, so I'm Brian. You've probably talked to Frank, but I'm Brian. You know what?

[00:00:13] I've got to get emails from Frank. I thought you were Frank. Sorry.

[00:00:16] Yeah, no, not a problem. So we appreciate you joining us. Today is our first time meeting, obviously, for everybody, everybody involved, but. Jason is really a listing expert and really focused on expired fizbo, a lot of those things that don't go way back in time where we don't have a lot of people like that around anymore. So I think of the teams that I speak with on a regular basis, there are many, many of them that are focused on how do I get more listings, because they have all these leads coming in for buyers. They're all powerful buyer teams, but they all know if I could get my listings to be more than my buyers, I could double or triple my business. So grateful to have you here with us today.

[00:01:08] Well, I really appreciate it. And when I was in that same situation, you talked about this back in 2011, 2012, around that time, had a big team, buyer's agent and did a lot of searching and optimization, spent a lot of money on ads and a lot of my own stuff. And it was like a hamster wheel of constant spending and constant increases in overhead, it seemed like. And, you know, I had this realization about that. Then I did a telephone prospect. Your pre-teen built the team got good generating leads online. All of a sudden I kind of got away from the phone a little bit. And you know what? I had this realization one time that for me to really have control over my life and have control of my business, I need to get more listings. I can have 50 listings all day while I'm sitting in my pajamas. Brian, or I could have 50 qualified buyers. And me and my team probably can sell more property this week. And then I learned that, hey, when I got more listings, all of a sudden I got more buyers that were basically free from Sisu calls from the national syndication, the Zillow realtor dot com and all that stuff. So I had a lot of big realizations when I started listing, just going out there, listing more property and learning how to get better on the phone. And that's what that's what I do in my group coaching group, is I teach people how to build a listing heavy business and how to basically use your business to take back control of your life is what it is.

[00:02:37] So just to clarify, you are an author now. You're also a coach. And you do you still run the team?

[00:02:47] No, I don't. It's just me and I get a buyer's agent and I don't do as many transactions as what I did before.

[00:02:53] I change my focus a lot the last few years and started looking at how can I feel, how could I use my real estate business to leverage it into just ongoing income? How can I leverage it into buying more rental property and building a rental portfolio? And I focused on that. I focused on all the basically building my coaching company into serving my clients out there and trying to help them be the best real estate agents they could be. And that's what we're talking about today. Seven tips. I actually got I actually got a few more than seven here, my notes here. But I'll tell you guys one that's like a bonus when I just added to the list. So I got all these little property. Brian, I had eviction hearings this morning, which is always, always a fun thing to do. And usually I did all evictions as far as showed up the court filing them stuff. We can we can do that area. So I get there this morning and just give you a brief summary of what it was, was man at the property management for other people back in twelve? Well, 2012, 2013, 2010, when the market really bad. Right? I felt like that was the peak of evictions and foreclosures and all that stuff. Until the day I show up in court, they had to bring in extra chairs, right? And this is something I've been telling my coaching people that right now we got this crazy moratorium on evictions right now that with that with the Trump's presidential order in the CDC, where there is a moratorium on evictions in the December 30 1st.

[00:04:31] So it's created an insane opportunity out there for agents. We don't have a lot of whistleblowers. We don't have a lot of expires. But there's a lot of people out there that are landlords that I will tell you what, in October 20, 20 is a lot of those people that don't want to be landlords anymore and evicted for being late on the rent. So if they're not violating malaise in any other way, you just kind of get to things out with them until December 1st. And it might be there some other states. You might even have more stuff than that. But South Carolina, we're pretty down the middle where that goes. So, man, there's a tremendous opportunity for my owners contacting and building relationships, going through your MLS pool. And if you're a big market like you used in Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, where you have a lot of rentals in MLS, I'm always jealous of the opportunity that you have because we don't have a lot of wells in our MLS. Right. But if you go back, grab those rentals and get rid of the last 12 months, start calling those owners. There's a lot of opportunities to help them, even if you don't help them do an eviction. There's a lot of opportunities and a lot of grant programs that get caught up with evictions that you can offer them assistance on. And, you know, hey, if I can help them get their tenant three rent, then they might be the opportunity there to.

[00:05:58] The build that relationship in three or four months down the road, when the tenant moves out within a week, maybe we could lose their property for us. So I got a couple of things that I want to share with you. I got a graphic man, if you can.

[00:06:12] Yeah. If you want to put it up there.

[00:06:15] Let's see what the screen here. OK, so I don't feel like we see this a lot, but this is this is my book, How to Be an Expired Master, but. This is what our listing system really should look like. It should really look like a file. In our job, our job, being a listing agent out there is to go out there and basically wear this bucket of balls, are we going to figure out where the bucket is and how to keep the top level? The Final Four? We got to continuously figure out how to have those first conversations. Right. And when you start looking at your business this way, you know, it's going to change things a little bit for you. If you're out there working with Zillow, you're working late, you're working with Butow or whoever it is. A lot of agents. What we see, they had a constant up and down in their business, the roller coaster really at three or four closings this month. And they don't have anything for two or three months, lots of times if they go back to what they're doing. What happened was they either cut, got rid of the bucket of balls. Right. They got rid of the leads, come in at the top of the funnel. Or what they ended up doing was they quit college. They quit doing the level one conversations now and now. The thing I teach my head coaching is that once we have those conversations, those first conversations are really just judging, judging, motivation, judging whether or not they really want to sell their house. And then really, once you get past that, it's just a follow up. So and so let's get right to where you guys are. I think I think my screen sharing is quick, but I'll let that funnel is the basis I feel like for our business right now.

[00:08:07] If we can keep the top level, follow up, top level the final four and keep having the conversations in the just following up with the people that are going to feel sorry about my age while this.

[00:08:29] So, yeah, I got a 70 pound going to that, and he he wants to be involved in the call of the day apparently, but if we can keep him on those top level conversations and keep dumping people into our funnel man and we keep following up and keep all it up based on their needs, we keep having people coming out now. Now, that was the first hit. The second tip that I have you guys today did a lot of us you're missing right now is we went through this crazy year with 20/20 and it's been a roller coaster. And depending on where you are, kids are really going back to school or doing this hybrid home school, go to school a couple of days a week fucking thing. And it's and honestly, it's almost a mess. But the number two thing is our schedule. Here, twenty, twenty, I feel like mad if you step on your schedule through like from March to basically the last couple of months to have your superhero between kids being home from school, people being at or just everything, quarantine's just stop, signets covid-19. But man, if we can take and just stick to our prospection schedule, I think whether it's recalling three days a week, four days a week, five days a week, whatever it is, maintain that consistency. We're consistently making calls and the sounds. We're consistently setting appointments and going to appointments. We're going to consistently get listing agreements that we uncovered first hit.

[00:10:05] It's not a lot of our customers.

[00:10:08] Actually step up their activities, so instead of making instead of an agent having 30 conversations a day, they were having 60 conversations a day and edit. The interesting thing was more people were answering their phones, so it was easier to have more conversations, but it took more conversations to get the same amount of results because everyone had the fear of it. That's that's kind of back down in the markets, really picked back up. But I think during those times of the pandemic, first coming around, the people that I think picked up the market share really doubled down on their activities, not just maintained, but actually doubled down on their activities.

[00:10:50] I think when I saw a lot of changes in my coaching program, a lot of them picked up their activity. Just like what you're saying. They get a lot more people on the phone and a lot more. There's a great opportunity to a lot of people sitting around with nothing to do. You know, it's a great opportunity to follow your sphere of influence and everybody really. And then but then we sell a lot of agents that they could get approved for unemployment, they wouldn't get unemployment. And literally they all left the business for a little while. Basically, they quit. And that was a that's been a crazy thing. But, guys, if we could you know, I'm a big believer that if you could go out there and just stick to your schedule. Seventy five percent of the top 80 percent of the time, you would see sort of stick to your prospecting schedule, 75, 80 percent of the time you would see your results go up dramatically. Right. That the next thing that I'm seeing agents not doing and this is this is newer agents, more so than older agents, is is sticking to a script. I don't know if you've seen this, Brian, but we see it a lot of Facebook groups. I see it a lot in real estate agents that really work. They'll see somebody make a post and they go, hey, man, have a great day on the phone set three appointments. And then the first question is what scripted is? And they go, hey, we use the the the X, Y, Z coaching, such and such script.

[00:12:10] That's amazing. And they get out. What can I get that script to? What happens with a lot of agents, especially new to prospecting is they go on the download whatever coaching scripts they buy one of my books or whatever it is, they get a script, they start calling. Right? They do three, four or five days of calling. They start get comfortable asking the questions or getting comfortable with the actions. Then they see a great post on Facebook like that. All of a sudden they switch from a script that they're getting comfortable with to the to the X, Y, Z coaching script or whatever it is. And then they they basically have to start all over the whole thing with mastery. And when you get really to get really get off the phone is associate four or five questions over and over again. And then all of a sudden you're going to know all the same, you know, all the answers to all of your actions. And it's almost going to become magical for you. And every time you switch scripts, there's another learning curve for you. So even it doesn't matter who script you're using. I mean, you want to use what works is proven and it's getting results. But at the same time, every time you switch, there's another learning curve that comes with that switch. Right. So I think that's one one thing on that.

[00:13:28] And this takes me back a ways, but I know when I was calling. When I jumped in to help Spring with her business, I was calling this doesn't expire tonight. I found that always having a script, even though I had a script memorized, always having a script on a piece of paper in front of me where I could take notes or be active.

[00:13:54] It just made things better, made the conversation more so not only sticking to a script, but always having a script in front of you if you have agents who are on phones dialing. I would highly recommend you get scripts in front of them that every day they're dialing, they have a script on their desk in front of them. So just wanted to add that to that.

[00:14:16] I 100 percent agree with that. What I do some role playing and stuff with my my coaching clients. And a lot of times we'll do it like labs and other people are watching and stuff. I mean, technically, we're supposed to have the same script, but I watch some of these agents go off of script and sometimes they're talking about stuff that has nothing to do with listening to property.

[00:14:39] And sometimes by the end of the roleplay session, I think they taught me how to selling the House. Or just told me how great of an investment it is and how the rental market's up and how rental rates are going crazy. Maybe I should keep this rather than do for sale on it. You know, and I see that a lot. When we don't have a script in front of us, then we just don't know what to say. You know, no matter how many times we went through it, we don't know what to say now. Now, number four, number four here, his objections. I really believe that a lot of agents get this confused. There's there's a difference between have you ever I'm sure you know what objection is, but what a condition is. So a lot of see them, they'll go out there and they're actually not getting objections or actually getting conditions. And right now, 20, 20 with with people still being sick, there's lots of time to be on the phone with somebody. And you say, hey, will you get to the call? You go to set appointment. Things are great, right? That amazing call. And they go and you say, hey, can you can we meet Tuesday at 2:00? And they said, Oh, yeah, that won't work with me. I can't meet you there. And a lot of I needed to go. Oh man. Well, they can't meet me at that time. They basically end up in the call and hang it up. Well, and they said, oh well, they don't want to meet an agent. Well, the problem is, is, you know, maybe they want to actually meet an agent. Maybe they were OK with me. They really liked what you had to say just to see it, too. They just they had a doctor's appointment.

[00:16:16] Hey, maybe that wasn't feeling well this morning. Maybe they, you know, whatever it is, maybe that's the day the kids are home from school. Right. And I see that a lot in a lot of ways to say, hey, they want to use an agent and they just move on where we should be going through the process of asking for an appointment three times during the call. And I feel like a lot of you guys out there that are that are making calls and you're not doing this, you're not continuing to ask questions after they tell you, you know, I think you're missing a lot of opportunity. And what I mean by that is let's say let's say you're on the phone like, hey, Mr. Scheller, we'll have a bus stop. How about a bus stop by to get to this all to get to work? And then you got to ask the follow up question, will we be at work at. Oh, yeah, we'll be at work. We work till 5:00. Oh, fantastic. Well, could I meet you at six? Would six be better for you. Oh, when I get home we got kids. We got this. We got that. We got the dog. We got whatever it is Diego. OK, no problem with tomorrow to be better for you if you work tomorrow or two. We work all during the week. Well how about Saturday. You know, continuing to ask those questions. Basically you're asking why will not two o'clock not work for you, but you're asking in a way they feel almost compelled. OK, will you be at work tomorrow? Will you be at work today if we get the habit of asking three times for an appointment? It will raise your conversion rate for appointments through the roof.

[00:17:50] Right now, that's great advice now just getting people to ask for the appointment once sometimes is a challenge.

[00:18:02] I've noticed especially of you, especially if you have new agents.

[00:18:08] The whole purpose of being on the phone is to get an appointment and if people can keep that in their mind, but asking three times great advice, you're asking three times for the appointment and then you want to I like to ask you about today if it's OK, if it's expired or Courchevel or when such challenging times and such aggressive markets are honestly the agents that are really skilled are out there being extremely aggressive right now. And I feel like we need to get in front of the seller as quickly as possible. If the longer you wait, that's when your conversation and appointment, the more opportunity there is going to be for another agent to get involved in your conversation so we can meet this afternoon. I think we should meet this afternoon. But if we can't manage to, I'd like to ask six o'clock work because I assume most people work from 9:00 to 5:00 in my local market. But I also feel like you're right now. We're at a time where in most markets, if you take a listing, is probably going to sell. It's probably going to sell you probably a 90 percent chance as long as it's allowed to be shown, the seller really wants to sell or sell some little bit of motivation.

[00:19:19] There is that crazy price to two hundred thousand our house. They want to put them in the last four. Four fifty. You should probably skip that one if it's a two hundred thousand dollar house, there were only four to twenty nine. Man, you know, it's a pricing strategy, right? It's not sometimes. Sometimes we lose that house a little bit higher than where we think it be. Two weeks from now, there's going to be a couple, two or three deals that are contract. And all of a sudden that house that was 10 percent over priced last week is now the cheapest one that's active in the neighborhood. And but I feel like right now we need to get in front of as many sellers as possible. So I feel like our scripts a few years ago when there was a lot of sellers and not many buyers, I feel like we needed to really get in there and we need to qualify a lot. We make sure they were motivated, make sure there's a reasonable price, make sure at least a lot of time with somebody that didn't want to sell or couldn't really sell.

[00:20:18] Now, though, I feel like with there being a lot of buyers and sellers, I feel like we should try to get in front of as many sellers as possible. I think we need to practice minimally qualified and then have a sales process to go through that actually list the property. Right. And I think a lot of that sales process, one way you can get ahead of your competition in your market is just by having a realistic package, by having a realistic package, something that you're sending them ahead of time that tells about you, your service and what you do to sell homes. You know, we're we're we're in this unique business where a lot of agents get confused. They believe that we actually go out, sell houses. And Brian, I feel like we don't really sell houses. We sell a service that sells houses and we get paid all that services performance. Of course, in most agents, I feel like out there don't have don't have a brochure that tells about your service. They don't really have anything. There are a lot of them are showing up at listing appointments and just kind of hoping that something happens there.

[00:21:22] Yeah, I think I've seen numerous times, including I saw this for myself, but by by adding a pre listing packet and knowing to ask the right questions. And I've seen it happen over and over.

[00:21:36] People go from a twenty five to a twenty five percent conversion rate on appointments to listings, sign up to seventy five, 80 percent. Just by doing those two things about you.

[00:21:50] What over the years I've been the real estate business 17 years and you wouldn't believe how many guys are guys and girls. I've got listings over that. We're honestly sold more real estate. We're probably dressed a little better, probably. You know, they've done so many things better than me. I felt like. Right. But the thing I did was I had a preexisting package and they did. And there's been so many times where they have multiple agents go into an appointment where I talked to the seller and I said, hey, I'll tell you what, how about if I go over our marketing plan and you go and ask these other agents for their marketing plan to that way you can live side by side and compare them all and just see who has the best plan to sell your house. And then, of course, that over follow up. And then that out of ten times, if there was multiple people going to an appointment, I was the only guy that had had a preexisting package to say I was the only guy that had written marketing plan. And that was a that was a big deal.

[00:22:48] That's been a big deal in my business and a big deal for my clients. That coach now now I've got two other things that I think that we shouldn't neglect here to lead sources. I want to give you guys, number one, we don't have much time here. I had this seven tips, Brian, that I said, hey, I got to squeeze these in the thirty minutes for you guys. And the next one is, I think, old expired. It's a lot of agents. It focus real heavy on the stuff that expired today and in the last thirty days where we're in such a great time in the world. There's so many listings that expired last year in the last twelve, twenty four months that those people ended up those people ended up those landlords not by choice, they're not landlords because they couldn't sell their house last year before last. Maybe they couldn't get quite enough money. Now we've had appreciation and we've had we've had some significant challenges in the landlord business, a real business. That man, those people that couldn't sell last year, now, they could probably sell their house and they can probably get a little more money for it.

[00:23:56] Are the people are the people that you're coaching doing a lot of that is that have been a big focus? That's been a big focus. OK, and I'm guessing it's driving a result told expired.

[00:24:06] Man, is that a big focus? That's I know I got some coaching clients. You're probably sick of me talking about them, but it's a great source of business that a lot of agencies aren't going after right now, are they? They went after him in the past, or maybe they call one time and now they just kind of dropped off the radar what they call right. That mean they don't want to sell today. Still, it just means they couldn't sell a year. Or maybe they had a bad experience with a realtor and they just said, hey, we want to deal with realtors anymore, and they just kind of blew it all now. Now, the last thing here that I want to share, it's not really necessarily a listing, but it's a home. But it's a tip that we all kind of forget about. You know what? We're in such a crazy time. Back again with rental rental rates across the country are skyrocketing in my area. I can not believe what people are paying. You just go down Craigslist or Craigslist and look and see what asking prices for rentals are. Sometimes I have sticker shock even in my own neighborhood like this. I wouldn't say that. I mean, like real live, but I would pay that. I would basically I would want to I would want to rent the house next door to me for what I see it for rent for a Craigslist other day now. But the thing about that is, is there's a lot of personal sphere of influence, right.

[00:25:25] That through this whole crawl of ours through this year, through rental rate increases, they've been out there renting and lending is starting to open back up again. And there's a lot of those people that, hey, all of a sudden they never really thought about life.

[00:25:42] But all of a sudden when that three bedroom, two bath house that used to be a thousand bucks a month is now fourteen hundred, now they're going, hey, you know what? Maybe I should check and see what life is all about or what some of our sphere of influence. Sometimes they forget who we are because they haven't talked to us in a while. But I'll tell you this here, just this month, I've got I've got two friends. One of them. One of them. We also know the guy for a long time. You probably never see this or hopefully never see this. Never thought I'd be able to buy a house. I never thought I'd be able to buy a house. I never thought I'd get approved. But I was thinking of my sphere of influence. He was one of them to get skipped. Right. We all have that. We all kind of get a little snobby with our experiment. Let's go. Yeah, they can't afford to buy or sell, but there's a there's a phrase I heard somebody else said that we shouldn't judge somebody else's wallet. Right. But this guy all of a sudden they need to rent a place. They're seeing how much it's costing for them to rent a new place here. And you know what? He went to work on a couple of things with his credit a couple of months ago. He's got a fit. He can actually buy a nicer house than what he was going to rent and cost you much money and he's going to be a homeowner versus being a rent.

[00:27:02] And I've seen the same thing with sellers, too. Like, I got I got a listing out here a couple of weeks ago. The lady in she had an emotional attachment to the property or some family things that went there and how she ended up with it. I never thought she'd move like going through my sphere of influence, just checking on people on Facebook. How's it going? I'm making occasional real estate. It's not just like that, not just an outbound link or or, you know, some kind of obnoxious realtor thing. We all see our colleagues posting, you know, just that every now and then posting a little bit of information about what's happening in the world, in the market. She messages me as, hey, do you think I can get X for my house? And I said, you know what? I don't know. Let me look. I do some research, do a quick C.M.A for today. It looks like you're going to be in this range. Man, I hate that one. I emailed over the listing agreement. She took the pictures for me. We got an email that night. There's a lot of opportunities with our experiment and this whole thing, this new normal we have is allowing us to all of a sudden. It's OK to work from home and everybody's working from home and all of a sudden location is as important as what it is to us for a lot of people. So guys, with this whole thing, 20, 20, we can't forget our sphere of influence is a lot of opportunities there. We're almost.

[00:28:25] Yeah, definitely. All right.

[00:28:29] Any last any last words of advice as we just wrap up here, man?

[00:28:34] You know what? We're at an interesting time. There's a lot of opportunities. I think there's more opportunities today than there was five years ago.

[00:28:42] And there's more opportunities that people actually need us. They need skilled, skilled, knowledgeable real estate agents. And I think we have a duty to go out there and help those people.

[00:28:52] All right, well, Jason, thank you for joining us today.

[00:28:56] Really appreciate you jumping in and you have an amazing day. How you to. Thank you so much. Thanks.

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