Keynote: Tom Ferry, The Most Critical Metrics and Mindsets That Will Take You to Your 2021 Goals

Brian Charlesworth
October 8, 2020

[00:00:03] All right. Hey, everybody, welcome back to our final session today. I'm sitting here with Tom Fairey, the icon, the mystery, the myth, the I call you the Gary v. of real estate column. If anyone thinks about who is like that icon in real estate, I couldn't think of anything, anyone better to present and to share our final session with today than Tom. So I got to meet Tom. I don't know. About a year ago, personally, a good friend of ours, Joe Hanauer, introduced us. I got to go to dinner. What a great way to meet Tom is to just go to dinner with him and really enjoy that. And we've stayed in touch ever since. And consider Tom a dear friend.

[00:00:47] And Tom, I'm going to turn it over to you. We're going to give you about 20 minutes and 15, 20 minutes, and then we'll open it up to questions for all of the audience. And if they don't have questions, I've got plenty.

[00:00:59] All good. So, first of all, Sisu Nation. Hey, nice to talk to you, Brian. Congrats on doing this summit and really getting your your group of people together, learning together, sharing together.

[00:01:11] There is no doubt, my friends, I'm going to assume you all know who I am. Maybe you made the mistake of clicking on one of my ads and I followed you around the Internet for the last 11 years. Who knows?

[00:01:21] But very quickly today, I was just looking at the numbers I'm coaching one, two, three, four, five CEOs of real estate companies, starting with the CEO of Home Services. Gina McCarthy has been my client for 21 years, a cold call them when I was 19 years old. We've been friends ever since. He's having a monster year. The number two since your own company right now in the US redwood out of the D.C. Maryland area. Eddie Short and Nick been working with them for several years. Every one of these CEOs. Right when I look down that list, right. The number one, Berkshire Hathaway that Rand who just sold a piece of his business to the Howard Hannah Group and nine agents that are right now at an average of five point five million dollars in closed and penny GCI. What do they all have in common? Right. What do all these men and women have in common? And the answer is they are crazy, bullish on their business right now and they're going all in. I don't mean that to be cliche. I don't mean it to be motivational. I mean, Janelle Greenson, who I was just having a coaching conversation with, said to me the following, all of you have done it this year and someone on your team is that of this year.

[00:02:28] I'm tired. Oh, my goodness. I'd like to take taken six months worth of work, and I've compressed it into three. And I have just worked my face off for the last three months. So I'm on this session with Janelle Jenelle's at three point seven million dollars close year to date. And she says to me, I'm tired. Forty two years old, two kids working from home, school from home. Right. All the nuttiness. And she literally said to me, I'm exhausted and I couldn't help but think, do you need some time off? And I was like, Jenna, you OK? And I go, Do you need some time off? Like, I care a client forever. And she's like, No, I'm just letting you know I need to work my face off right now because I'm going to make even more money. I'm going to save more money. I'm going to get more positive reviews. So my need to work harder, I just needed to vent for a second. That that right there, my friends, that is the mindset of the best people right now, everybody's tired. It's like, you know, we got five more minutes left in the game.

[00:03:25] You're exhausted, you're in the NBA, your hands are down on your knees. But, you know, like, I got to hydrate and I got to go. My question for you is, how bullish are you right now? How bullish are you on the next 14, 15 months? Brian, I just spent an hour and 15 minutes with Ivy Zelman, the Zellman Report, Zelman Associates. Anybody out there that knows she is the one that everybody turns to Wall Street hedge funds, real estate brokers say, tell us what's going to happen. She's like across the US, five point nine percent appreciation in home prices. The market is going to scream next year. It's going to be unbelievable. If you're busy now, you're going to be even busier than you've ever been throughout all of twenty, twenty one, she said then. So this is not me talking. Pay attention, she said. And then once the vaccine is set and everybody gets back to work, the economy will normalize. Watch the Treasury every day. My friends watch the Treasury every day. It just takes up a tad, she said. It's going to start ticking up and ticking up and ticking up and interest rates are going to start to climb.

[00:04:33] And just like that, housing is going to take a break in twenty, twenty two. You hear what I'm saying? Are you listening?

[00:04:43] Fifteen months. So if I knew I had fifteen months to make as much as I could to sell as many properties as I can to push and extend my brand, I would be super mindful of a couple of things. And I'm going to share those things that I'm going to share quickly. I know it's the last session, right? Some of you, you know my work maybe you've never seen before, right? I'm just going to talk to you about the straight shoot. No B.S. This is what I'm talking to my clients about that want to kill it for the next 15 months to save as much cash as they can. So whatever happens in twenty, twenty two, it's all good. Here's my list. You ready? Number one, we're all looking at how do we improve on our our existing management system. Now, this is not just a shout out to Sisu, right. But it is management system, management philosophy, management methodology. I mean, it's, you know, Drucker 101, right? Whether it's EO Forty X or OK hours, what are the principles you're running your business by if you own your brokerage, if you're running a team. Here's what I wrote down. You need to go into the next 15 months with no more than three goals, no more than three goals. But these three goals, I would argue objectives, outcomes, result need to be big and sexy. I wrote down the people I'm working with. I know it's kind of late in the day for you guys on the East Coast.

[00:06:04] I'm going at it hard and fast, but this is just how I roll. I'll give you an example. It was a client of Sisu, one of my personal clients having a monster year this year. I'm not going to give you that is exact numbers, but I'm giving you the method that we're following. The first thing we said was we want to do a thousand plus transactions. Then we said we want twenty five percent profitability. And then we're we're deciding do we want to be the best place to work in all of Jacksonville, Florida, or one of the highest net promoter score slash reviews in our marketplace? We're looking at three separate goals that are meaningful, that are emotional, that are powerful, that we have to then rally the company around to rally the company around and make sure that everybody understands my notes, that everybody's on board, that everybody understands their role, and that everybody knows why it matters. Now, what I love about those three, I don't know if you've done your goal setting yet. I don't know if you've done an offside or a strategic planning session or if you just wake up and roll the dice and see what happens. I don't know. But I know this, if we get focused on the right three goals, he's going to be able to then dial up all the levers that cause that to happen.

[00:07:20] So I loved when he and I were chatting and he said, you have IRAD. Like, if you guys know, if you're out there, you inlands lots of love. He's like, what would it be like if we were named the best company to work for Bank of America? They're like all these huge companies are. There is like what would it be like if we were named the best place to work? What kind of environment would we have to have? What kind of recruiting would we have to have? What kind of joy and satisfaction would be in the workplace, remote or not? And he was like, yeah, it's not just doing the deals and making the money. It's also having a place that people love to be at because teammates, employees, FTD and salespeople, when they're in a place that they love to work, they perform at their optimum. I was like, yeah, then it's the transactions and the profitability. So my question for you is whether it's OK outcomes and key results or it's 40 X, what are your wildly important goals? What are your KPIs? How are you going to score scoreboard it and what's your sense of accountability? Right. Whichever one you choose, what's super important right now is that you dig into it and you make sure that you are managing your business to the three most important goals that matter to you. I do this with Brian, the CEO of Home Services.

[00:08:36] We want to do this many mortgages, this many real estate transactions, this much even it's the same thing, whether it's an agent here that has five people on their team or Geno who has ninety six thousand. It's the same thing. That's number one. Number two, being mindful of times what it is Q&A is it's all about data driven decisions moving forward. Never mind. There's a reason why Hanauer introduced us as a business coach, as an operator. I've got sixty five companies I've invested in. I've got a bunch of businesses that I'm a part of. Yeah, I get excited. Yeah, I'm into getting people fired up, but when it comes to my business it is all about client. I want to know data and numbers. It doesn't mean they don't have a heart and soul. Right. Trust is behind the camera knows. I'm like, hey man, how much money you save. What's going on in your life. I married he and his wife, right. I got mad love for the guy behind the camera. And how many results do we get? What are the numbers? Where are we at? What are the levers we need to push to make sure that we're growing the business right. You can have a heart and you can be managing by the numbers. And what I would stress to you guys and gals is like right now, ready. I was like at the same thing, like for every dashboard.

[00:09:45] So my company, we generate fourteen thousand leads every single month. I know my Cosper leaders. I know what lead sources convert at the higher level. I know which ones are low cost, which ones are really expensive. You know, Google versus Facebook as an example. I know these numbers so I can hit the right levers when I'm talking with my head of the star team who are booking appointments or my consultants. Right. Or each of my sales managers are my CFO or my head of Biz Dev, because I'm looking at all these numbers and said, how do we crank that dial? Before I walked in here, I literally was on Salesforce and like pinged my head of sales and said, OK, yesterday, nineteen sales, today seven sales. What's up? Let's look at the dashboard. Let's make a decision. And I know what it is. Hey, we booked some appointments, but our show rate was low. See, my point to you and I think I know the reason why you love Sisu the way I love Sisu is it shows me the problems. It shows me what I need to fix right. For you and I as operators, as CEOs of companies, people that want to drive our business and produce these amazing results, we have to get a look and say there's a problem. Now, what are we going to do about it? And not not there's the problem or worse, look at the dashboard and not even know the problem.

[00:11:01] Hey, it all looks pretty good. No, I get into the weeds. Hey, how come salesperson X has a high conversion, but a bad fallout? How come sales person Y every time she close the deal, we get a positive review and for referrals and then we start modeling based upon the numbers training to make sure that everybody can produce similar results. See if you're the CEO of your company, if you're the head of sales, if you're running a team, you've got to be looking at that dashboard and tweaking and adjusting and levers all the time. I know you are. I know you are. I'm asking you to do it more. I'm asking you to do it more now. Next thing on my list. Easy one. So Matt Rand, Dan Blackwell, one of my commercial brokers, you know, I mean, Jill Biggs, Lisa Jannati, all these extraordinary agents and CEOs of companies a couple of years ago. Brian, I'm sure you you have met this guy and you probably read his book, right? So, buddy, mine. Marc Roberge, if you've not read this book, you should download it today, audio or whatever you want to do. The sales acceleration formula. He and three of his buddies started a little company called HubSpot Group from Zero. I want to say it was like zero to one hundred million dollars in revenue in 18 months and 18 months. And he lays out the blueprint.

[00:12:27] It has nothing to do with real estate, but it has everything to do with business work. And I became friends. Right. And thus in a couple of deals together. Very, very smart guy. The one thing inside this book that that he documented and went through in detail, something that you know and I know intuitively, and that is when sales are good, run a competition, when sales are bad, run a competition when it's the end of the month, run a competition. But it's beginning to run a competition when it's spring time, winter time, summer time. Badir done more competitions. So I know this intuitively as a coach and, you know, inside a real estate brokerage. Right. Here's the problem with all your competitions are lagging indicators, a.k.a. who had the most sales, who took the most listings? The same people win over and over and over again. I know as a coach I learned many, many moons ago. Matter of fact, short little diversion story. The first year my buddy Steve Murray published the top one hundred agents on the original Wall Street Journal list, 16 of them were my clients. But three years later, I'm in Florida and they are accepting the award for the number one age in the world. My personal client, a guy named John McMonagle, when I took John on as a client, he was already a great agent. I mean, he was one hundred and forty million dollars in sales.

[00:13:46] Newport Beach, California. I just sat down with him and said, hey, man, the human mind can only focus on one thing at a time. What's the most important lever we need to pull in order to get you the breakthrough results you want? He's like, I don't know. And I said, John. Do you want to handle buyers are listening, seems like all they want to do is list houses. I said, OK, great, how many listening apartments you go on in a typical week is like three. I said, how much capacity? You said I'd go on three a day. Everything we did was built around, get them on three appointments a day for listings. Surprise, surprise. Two years later, he's the number one agent on the Wall Street Journal list. Under the teams, I think that year, I don't know, five hundred million dollars in volume, which now seems like nothing these days. And guess what? That's the message with his team, with your team. I look at not random enforcement. I was just going through Dan's numbers. Dan is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Georgia Properties. Right? We do for appointment setting competitions every year, one quarter for appointment setting competitions. We have the managers doing it for recruiting. We got all the agents right. Buyer appointments, seller appointment. We don't care. Here's what the typical results are. He's got sixteen hundred agents. We get six hundred of them to participate for six weeks or nine weeks and six weeks seems to be the optimal.

[00:15:06] And guess what happens? We're driving. We don't care if they're lousy appointments. We don't care if you're meeting your mother at Starbucks and you're calling it appointment, because here's what we know. The only leading indicator to an offer or a sign listing is an appointment. So we just drive results on appointments. Dan's business, Matt. Business, êtes business, genos business, your business. If we're just keep them in competition and make it fun, we're pulling that lever and we're getting better results. That makes sense. Now, I will tell you, kid story Matt ran says me one day be coaching. That is mom. Marcia is a legend in the business. I've worked with him for twenty seven years of my of my career, my thirty one years. Matt and I working together one day says I got to be honest, I don't like appointments. And I said, I don't like competitions. And I said, we're on Zoome. And I said, Matt, I don't care what I said. No, Matt, who cares what you like. You're the CEO of the company. Your only job is to produce results, to drive performance, to pull the levers that bring us results. He's like, I know, I know, I know. Ready? We do the first competition. He'll have like five hundred people do it. But they booked like eight thousand appointments. And we're talking about in New York and New Jersey and like February and March.

[00:16:27] How do you think the spring market, we just flew into it. So they're flying. They're out of there. They're like he's like this is unbelievable. And something he's a Rockstar CEO. So I guess what I say, OK, great, we need the early summer competition and we start another one, like in June. He's like another one. We drive like crazy. We crush the summer. And then I say, same thing. Let's go again in the fourth quarter. And he goes, Well, my managers said, OK, Matt, if you're watching right now, you know I love you. You're eating. I somebody tell me, because when my managers are either tired of this competition, they like to do a different competition. You and I said to them, listen to me, good business people run plays that work. They don't do dumb shit. Sorry if you have kids watching you with me, I literally said, that's a personal client. I love the guy. Run plays that work, that's the point. Guess what they did, fourth quarter appointment setting competition, bam, right into the holidays. And how do you think that impacted them in New York starting January, February, March, its major point number three. I hope you got it. OK, bonus one, number five or number four? I said three, but I'm gonna give you a fourth of Cuidad Brian. The fourth thing I'm going to tell you is a lot of you made more money this year than you made while you made it a short amount of time, but you're making a lot of money.

[00:17:44] I was talking to Greg Schwartz. You may know the former president of Zillow has been a friend for, gosh, almost 10 years. And he was saying, you know, what do you see in the marketplace? What's going on? And I said, Greg, more agents have made more money this year than they've ever made in their life. I mean, it's and I'm not saying everybody. I'm saying it's the rich and the rest. Right. It's you guys. Right. And the rest. And you made more money than you've ever made before. And what I'm telling him is I said, here's what I'm sensing. People are taking their foot off the gas. It's almost half of the year. They're taking the foot off the gas. I made a bunch of money taking the foot off the gas, had a spot a second home in the lake. And what they need is they need to double down on accountability. I'm not telling you to hire me as a coach. There's a lot of ways you can get accountability. Hire another assistant hired to ISA's to make more phone calls. You can increase your accountability by staffing up to go out and grow to the next level, trade some shekels for growth. You with me like there's a lot of ways you can do it. Make a check payable to the political party.

[00:18:44] You don't want to send the money to give it to someone and say, if I don't follow through on my key results on the things I'm supposed to do, send the check. There's a lot of ways you can do it. But what I want to stress to you guys right now is think about it. We're in one of this. It's a crazy thought because you've got everything that's happened in live in California wildfires. You got social unrest, you got political divide like we've never seen before. You got the pandemic. You got like all this insanity. And yet housing is booming like crazy, right? Booming like crazy. So we're in this tale, the two and all. I want to stress you as you got. Tick tock, tick tock. Fifteen more months. This isn't motivational. This is you got fifteen months to make as much money as you can. Pay off all of your debts, save more cash than you've ever saved before. So you can dig that moat as Buffett always talks about. So your business and your life are more secure. Brian, the number of people I was telling that to and 25, some listened, some listened, some put themselves in a position to really win and some people in twenty seven were calling me and saying, can you help me get an audio account? I'm just telling you right now, CEO to CEO, this is your time and it's going to go by that quick.

[00:20:09] Brian, 15 months time. That is not a lot of time. I mean that's that's kind of a scary thought, right? You're saying put the pedal to the metal if you're thinking of letting up. This is when most people let up. Is this time of year. Don't do that this year all the way down for the next 15 months.

[00:20:29] One hundred percent. I really I literally guys, I'll be married twenty seven years at the end of this month. And I literally just said to my wife yesterday, she's like, you're working really hard. I said, baby, I'm going to work harder than you can imagine for the next 15, 16 months. And I said, I just know that if we do the right things right now, A, we can help a lot of people and we do that. We win. And it's the same thing. I'm asking you to just be honest. It is raining cash right now. And if you're not if you're not pulling it in. You're blowing it.

[00:21:02] Yeah, so for anybody that has questions, feel free to start asking those questions, put them in, I'll pull those up as many as I can. In the meantime, Tom, I've got a question for you.

[00:21:13] Mindset Monday has been something that I I mean, you started it. You've been doing it for a while. It's something I listen to every week. Thank you. I always enjoy it more when it's you than when it's somebody like Joseph. Not that nothing is Joseph, but let's go. That was a test. But but anyway, I want you to talk about mindset because you've talked about everything it takes to run a business except mindset. And you are the king of mind set. So please share with us a little bit about that.

[00:21:43] So so it's two things. You got your psychology versus your mindset. Your psychology is like how you view the world, how you move your body, the questions you ask yourself and what you put your focus on. That's really like the operating system, like iOS on your phone versus Outlook, maybe Gmail, that kind of stuff. It's an operating system. So I will tell you that I do spend time every day making sure that I feel good. So yoga in the morning, stretching, listening to something that gets me fired up all the time, the real kiddos. I'm focusing on the things that matter most and I don't let the noise come into my life. I don't get into the drama. I don't get into the politics. I just focus on the things that matter to me. Mindset, though, is really the answer to three questions. And my buddy Jim Quick, I thought I had his book here.

[00:22:31] I don't really synthesized as well. He said your mindset is made up of the answers to three questions. Number one, what do you believe to be true? Like I keep saying to people, do you believe that right now is the single greatest time on the planet to be alive and to be selling real estate? What am I doing? I'm reinforcing the belief. That's what I believe. That's what I know that data speaks it. And yet there's a lot of people that when I say that, they go, you don't understand what's happening in the world right now. What? Oh, I'm like, you're screwed. You're screwed. Now you can do something about it, you can change your mind set, the second question is what do you believe you're capable of? And Brian, you know, like you built these great companies, you know, you're capable of it. But there are people watching right now that maybe don't believe they're capable of going from one hundred to 300 transactions and therefore you don't. But you can ship that with some reading, with some coaching, with some mentor, with a mastermind group spending time with great people, modeling others. And then the last one is, what do you believe you're worth? And you all know this because you guys are great team leaders and brokers.

[00:23:33] You've got two agents that both with the same training, came from the same background, same street neighborhood they grew up on. One makes a fortune and one doesn't. And the simple truth is this one just doesn't believe they're worth the commission. That's why they reduced their fees and don't do the work. All those things can be worked on. This is my favorite book, though, right now. Now you're all going to say, oh, I've read the art of war, but you're not reading it right. It's the war of art, the war of art. I'm obsessed with this book because it's all about recognizing that we have this self talk. He refers to it as the resistance that's trying to stop you every day from being the person that you say you want to be. And it's not just rhetoric. It's a very powerful and I like short sweet to the point book. So read that one tonight, get it on audio book and listen to it ten times and it'll start to shift the way you think.

[00:24:25] I will order that as soon as we get off of here. Tom, I have one more I have one more question for you.

[00:24:32] Posting videos again, I called you the Gary V. of Real Estate. If every team owner, Broecker owner, would take what you do and put that into their business, think of where their business would be. What does it take to do that? I mean, you are posting constantly. I just want I just want some reality to come. But this is, in my opinion, one of the key ways you can grow your business organically rather than having to pay somebody for leads.

[00:24:59] Well, let me give you a different a different thought. Thank you. That's very kind. Gary's going to, for instance, two thousand nine. And so, you know, I came to him saying sort of my interview in 2007, what do you do and how is it working? And, you know, he's been just fantastic. Right. And we coach his his sister now for the last two years you saw in real estate and killing it.

[00:25:17] Here's what I want you guys to get. And May of this year, I made up a list of 17 of the most influential, smartest men and women I know in and around the real estate space. So Brian and I's mutual friend. Right, Joe Hanauer being one, Greg Schwartz and Zillow being another. Steve Asone and who is, I think, one of the brightest guys in the real estate space and multiple others. And the question that I asked them was this knowing what you know about the wave of startup businesses, well capitalized businesses coming after the eighty six billion dollars and US commission dollars that are very vulnerable to people that have figured out how to make this a beautiful experience for buyers and sellers, or at least attempting to. What do I have to do to position my clients to win? Give me your insight. Give me your, you know, four hundred years of wisdom. And I'm telling you right now, my friends, they gave me six things. I don't have time to go through all six, but I'm going to give you the one that's related to what Brian's asking. And here's what they all said. Look, I buyer discounters, arbitragers, portal's better digital marketers, better offers, better ads, television, radio, digital. They're going to come at you hard. How do you dig a moat around your business? It's only one thing. Your brand. Your brand and I was so stoked when they said that because I've known that to be true and I pushed that hard, which is why it's how people create a content show, do more videos, hire a videographer. If you're a broker, you're creating content for new agents. You're creating content for agents in your marketplace to recruit them over. Right. If you're if you're a team leader, you're creating content, showing behind the scenes.

[00:27:04] This is how we do it. It's HDTV. It's million dollar listing, but you're responsible for it. No one wants to see another photo of your listing on your Instagram page. No one. But everybody wants to see the video of the before and after. Everybody wants to see what's up, guys. I just listed this brand new property at one, two, three, four, Banana Street. Oh, my goodness. It is so insane. I can't wait. People want to see that. You want to know why? Because your vibe attracts your tribe and whether you're dull and boring and you'll attract more dull and boring. Or you are like super rock star, big expressive personality. They want to snack on you all day long. So the most important hire and this is going back five, six years ago. We have all these agents now, Brian, that first said hire a videographer who's a wedding videographer who is kind of free during the week and we'll snack them up and get them to do some stuff. And now we have hundreds of people that have full time you for peeps in their office that film their listing videos, do their listing launches and then help them create content. It's it's another tool of accountability. I've got Treston here and Trista knows that we got three more right. Plus podcasting. So I got all these people. So I have to create content because otherwise, why am I paying all those salaries? Does that make sense? You're there, Brand. I'm telling you guys your brand. And if you are a secret agent or you're just arbitraging all these sites and channel partners, God bless you. I get it. I'm a fan also. But if they don't know who you are, if they don't know who you are, your business is extremely vulnerable.

[00:28:43] Ok, Tom, you wrote the play, Do challenges around appointments, are there any other items that you would recommend for challenges in this environment?

[00:28:54] I'm seeing that from a from Ben. Do you have a couple of sales competition examples you highly recommend in our current environment? So then the story about Matt Rende appointments, we kill it, then he's like what sounded like more appointment competition. He's like, oh, OK, he does it again. And then Looma managers wanted wanted like, shut the front door. I don't care. Do it again. Tell your managers to eat it or to do another competition around appointments. That's it brother. Like that play work. It's kind of like this. Like I'm not a huge like football guy. I'm more of an MBA, like I love the NBA. Like if you know pick and rolls are winning, I'm going to run, pick and rolls over and over and over until they stop me. And if they never stop me, I'm going to win the game. And that's what I want you to get. Like we're always looking for like the new next shiny penny. What? No, find the fundamental stuff that works and do it over and over and over. Then you know what you do? You change up the game. You switch up the teams. Right. You do some brackets, but it's always appointments, appointments, appointments, because it's the only leading indicator to what you want, which is signed contracts.

[00:30:03] Tom, I know we're out of time. We do have somebody wanting a list of your books you recommend. Is there is there a place we can go to find out, Tom?

[00:30:13] Very dot com. There's there's definitely somewhere on there a list of books I'm literally hold. I'm going to do this. If somebody asked me today while I was on another show. Hey, Tom, could you recommend a book that we should read? And I said, yeah, all of those do it between now and the end of the year. Bloody war of art. The five most important questions from Peter Drucker sales acceleration formula, because it's like this is the game that you're actually in. The alter ego by my buddy Todd Hermann is ridiculously good. It's especially if you're shy or, you know, you want to perform well, but sometimes you're nervous and afraid. My buddy Merial wrote this book called In Distractible. It's all about the hacks to get your time back invaluable, especially right now. Old school, my buddy Todd Duncan. High trust selling gimcrack, limitless. I mean, I can go on for days. Here's the point. My friends like go on to Amazon and type in best business books and start buying them. Because if you're not spending ninety minutes a day right now educating yourself on better business methodologies, marketing methodologies, conversion, leadership, sales growth, and stop just looking at real estate, look at SAS companies, look at the biggest fortune. Five thousand companies. What are they doing? My buddy runs a three day blind's. Get this, Brian. You'll appreciate it. He's got five hundred salespeople. They sell blinds. They're addressable. Market is every window in the country. They spend about a million dollars a month on Facebook ads. He books on average four thousand appointments every week for his sales team. And all they do is go on appointments. I go talk to him. I don't want to talk to an agent that sells 40 more homes in me. I want to talk to one that sells two thousand more homes in me and use that as the model. That's my point.

[00:32:10] Awesome, Tom, I'm going to let you go, this is, I think, how everybody feels right now, grinning ear to ear. That's exactly what I needed to hear. So appointments, appointments, appointments. You're my friend. It's always a pleasure.

[00:32:23] Feel super blessed to to have you here today and have you in our lives. And thank you for everything you do for the industry.

[00:32:29] Thanks, man. Hey, God bless you guys. Cross the end of the year. And if I can help. Text me at nine four nine two one six five four six six nine four nine two one six five four six six. Only I respond. All right, buddy, I'm out of Sisu. Brian, thanks for the opportunity.

[00:32:45] Thank you, Tom.

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