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Sisu Platform Updates | Feb 6, 2020

Zac Muir
February 6, 2020

Hey everyone!

A bunch of new updates just barely hit the Sisu platform today and we're excited to share with you.

Brand New: The Listing Price Changes Report (Beta)

This is a brand new report that has been highly requested, and we would love to get some of your feedback on it

By the way, the best place to give us feedback is via our in-app chat box, bottom right hand corner, so that we can log your requests and keep track of them as they progress.

Who's seen this scenario before?

Too often, inexperienced agents have trouble pricing their listings correctly. We've all seen it, and most of us have done it too...

The listing comes on priced way too high.

There is little-to-no excitement around the initial open house or listing, aside from a few low-ball offers.

Your client growing crankier every day, you scramble to figure out how to sell this thing. This results in a series of not-so-elegant price drops, until you finally find the right buyer for the home and are able to get the listing off your hands. What a hassle! Not to mention, your client isn't too stoked on your service and reduced price (even if the price is actually fair market value).

The purpose of this report is to analyze with each agent their pricing drops/increases for each listing. It takes into account the original transaction amount, the # of changes in listing amount, and the comparison between original amount and final amount.

Use this report to coach your agents. You'll be able to help them set better prices, sell listings faster and create more bidding wars.

Tool Tips!

We get it–there is so much data in Sisu that sometimes it gets confusing to know what exactly you are looking at.

You'll be seeing these tool tips pop up all around the platform—little indicators that you can click on to get more information.

Updates to ISA Reporting, Dashboards and Leaderboards

A little more than a month ago, we launched our first version of ISA dashboards, which have been a hit.

We've received a lot of feedback and have modified the way that they function.

If you don't know the general ISA functionality in Sisu, you may want to check that out first.

Here are the updates that we pushed live just barely:

  • Users who are defined as ISA under admin>users (i.e. their role is defined as "ISA") will have dedicated ISA dashboards—however, we understand that agents (who are very much in production themselves) may also set appointments for other agents, and that this should be trackable. You are now able to designate any user as the ISA on any transaction, regardless if that user is defined as an ISA role under admin>users. This will add that agent to the "ISA" drop down in your reporting so that you can pull reports/dashboards from their set appointments.
  • Agent leaderboards were previously giving credit to agents for appointments that ISAs had set. This is no longer the case. Agent leaderboards will only give agents credit to agents for appointments where an ISA is not defined, or where the Appt Set By (ISA) field is the same as the primary agent.
  • Agent personal dashboards will show all appointments set by the agent or for the agent—this is by design. That way, you know the set/met ratio for a specific agent. We are working on some display enhancements that will give you the breakdown of how many appointments were set by the agent vs. set for the agent, but today you can break this down by clicking on the circle and looking at the ISA field.

Miscellaneous fixes & enhancements

There were various requests made about the way "pending" transactions are tracked. Here is a clarification:

  • The "Pending" tile in Sisu refers to transactions that are currently under contract, i.e. they have an under contract date but not a closed date (or that closed date is in the future).
  • It is no longer required to have a closed date in the future for a transaction to count as pending, but it is recommended for certain reports that use forecasting in Sisu. There is an alternative approach using the "forecasted closed date. Here are some notes on how forecasting can be done in sisu.
  • This is in contrast to the under contract circle, which simply shows how much was put under contract over your specified date range.

We also made fixes to a few bugs that were affecting transactions where dashboard credit was split, i.e. the transaction was showing .5 closed deal for one agent and .5 for another. This is now functioning properly.

There are various other bug fixes and enhancements, as well as one labeling change from "team income" to "company dollar". Company dollar is what it is called on the income report ( which is the amount of income your company made after paying out all referrals, brokerage fees, and agent splits. Basically, it is the line item on the bottom of the commission form which is labeled "company dollar".

One last note—improved in-app chat functionality

We are sometimes asked about the best way to get support from the Sisu team. This update has some great enhancements to our chat functionality, as well as a doubled-down effort to get you the quickest possible response via our in-app chat box (bottom right hand corner).

If you have any issues, requests, or questions, the chat box is by far the best way to get live support.

Additionally, any feature requests will be linked up with our internal development system so that as soon as your feature is completed or issue resolved by our development team, we can notify you right away.

Thanks for being the best customer base in software. We look forward to these enhancements helping you out, as well as the many other future updates we have coming down the pipeline!

-The Sisu Team.

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