Even though we’ve just started Q4, everyone’s already got their eye on 2020.

It’s time to finish out the year strong and set sights going into the new one.

Sisu’s 2.52 release is centered around updates improving the goal setting and achievement processes.

Seasonality In Goal Setting

You’ll notice that the goal setting page has moved to account>goals. Here, you can set goals at three different levels: personal, group and team. Admins can set goals at all three levels. Group coaches can set personal and group goals. Agents will only have access to set their personal goals.

Once you’ve selected the scope of goals you’re setting on the left hand side, you’ll notice different sections for goal setting on the right hand side. Start at the top by setting your yearly goals. Then, you can set goals for each month of the year.

If you want to make math easy, you can use the goal calculator at https://my.sisu.co/goal-calc. This will give you goals for each month of the year, as if there were no seasonality. You can use these monthly goals as a baseline, then use the percentage adjusters at the top of each section to adjust for seasonality.

For example, I could add 25% to each of the hot months in the year, and subtract 25% from the slow months.

Of course, it’s a little more complex than that—every business is different—but this can be a good place to start.

We foresee that teams will be adjusting goals monthly or quarterly based on the insights they gain from Sisu dashboards.

Setting Goals for Activities

Previously, you could not set goals for activities such as dials, open houses, etc. Now you can do this in the same goal setting page. On your dashboards, each of these goals will have a pacer.

Goal Overlay on Snapshot Page

You’ll notice gray bars sitting behind the graphs on your snapshot page. This will give you an overview of goal achievement at scale and over time. Note that you can eliminate any of the years or the goal overlay from these snapshot graphs by clicking on the text below the graph.

Optional Dials for Appt Set on Personal/Team Dashboards

If you head over to admin>team settings>preferences, you’ll notice an option to add an “appointments set” dial to your personal and team dashboards. This will create a dial that acts exactly as the appointments met dial—meaning, it is driven by transactions where the client has an “appointment set” date entered.

Other Improvements

Other improvements include bug fixes, UI changes, and the ability to send your agents a welcome message under admin>agents.

We thank you for your commitment to innovation and all the ideas that you’ve brought to the table to make this release possible!

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