Episode 002 - GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset, special guest Frank Klesitz - CEO & Co-Founder - Vyral Marketing

Brian Charlesworth
September 23, 2019

Frank Klesitz is an entrepreneur, investor, and co-founder of Vyral Marketing – a done-for-you video marketing firm helping entrepreneurial professionals in all industries increase new client generation and existing client retention with education-based video marketing. Vyral Marketing helps hundreds of professional clients worldwide, publishing over 800 client videos a month and 4 million client emails a year.

Frank and Brian chat discuss Frank's evolution from an interest in real estate sales to building his real estate marketing company - Vyral Marketing to his new pillar of real estate investing.

In this episode we talk about...
  • 3:36 -  Is therapy the same as coaching? Mike Ferry and Frank Klesitz see a lot of correlation.
  • 5:35 - "I will only tell you want you want to hear... because that is all you will accept."  🤔
  • 8:15 -  What is the new disruption in the real estate industry? How Zillow is getting seller leads and what you need to add your website.
  • 13:08 -  The 3 things that a real estate team needs on their website.
  • 14:30 -  Are you taking your skills from the "Red Book" and using them in the "Blue Book"?
  • 20:40 - Are you leveraging  a BRRRR strategy for real estate investment? 🥶
  • 23:40 - Are you prepared for an upcoming recession and are you ready to capitalize on it?
  • 27:44 - What is the one piece of advice that Frank wants to share with the group? You might be surprised.

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