Episode 017 - GRIT: The Real Estate Growth Mindset, special guest Dr. Hank Seitz, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Award-Winning Author

Brian Charlesworth
March 3, 2020

Dr. Hank Seitz is a recognized entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and award-winning author. He has helped thousands of people and hundreds of organizations, particularly in real estate, become their greatest possibility, grow their business and increase their wealth, Dr. Hank has been in the real estate industry for over 20 years. He has owned a mortgage company and for the last 10 years, has owned a real estate brokerage with over 420 agents. 

In this episode, Brian and Dr. Hank discuss how to eliminate negative subconscious thoughts and how powerful the mind can be in our exploration of happiness and wealth. 

In this episode, we talk about...
  • 5:43 - Dr. Hank discusses his main purpose in Real Estate
  • 9:30 - How did Dr. Hank become the happiest man alive?
  • 15:05 - The power hour before bed and the subconscious mind
  • 21:21 - Dr. Hank tells all in how he became a mental scientist
  • 31:35 - How important is gratitude in our lives? See what Dr. Hank says
Show Transcript

Brian Charlesworth: [00:00:00] Hello, everyone. Welcome back to the GRIT podcast. I'm Brian Charlesworth and the founder of Sisu and the host of the show. And today we are here with Dr. Hank Seitz. Is that Seitz? Is that how you pronounce that?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:00:10] That's correct. But you can just callme Dr. Hank.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:00:14] Dr. Hank is what he's famous for. So, Dr. Hank is the author of nine bestselling books. He's focused on helping real estate agents and brokers around the world. He's also a top trainer and lecturer for real estate. He has his own webinar called The Future of Real Estate with Dr. Hank. And my understanding is that some say that you are actually the happiest man in the world. And I sense that in the last five minutes with you, which may be why you wrote a book with that title. So what can you add to that, Dr. Hank?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:00:49] Well, first of all, Brian, thanks so much for having me on your show. And you are really amazing. And I want to first start out really about on how this is about you and that this SiSu, you have this passion and this vision to use technology to be able to help real estate agents to grow their business. And just this morning, just the value that you bring because of your technology. SiSu. I was with one of my agents who at one point she had 30 listings in that month in a 30 day period. So, you know, so it's great on business and everything. But again, one of the things I teach is this balance of life and that there's other better ways of doing it. And that's what, Brian, you actually provide can help provide some of those other ways of doing it. But she just realized that, you know, yeah, it was great having 30 listings and I call it the queen of listings in America. She's really just incredible. I mean, minimally does four, five listings every month consistently and as much as 30. And but what she realizes she needed technology and she needed systems and processes. And because of that, it freed her up to have a balanced life and a better time management and everything. So I want to thank you for your tools. And if you wouldn't mind, I would just like to hear, you know, a minute. Could you just kind of plug SiSu on...

Brian Charlesworth: [00:02:32] That is not the purpose of this show(jokingly). It was really built to basically help agents. My wife is in realestate. I helped her build our business when I sold a business and found a hugeneed there to really set goals, hold people accountable to those goals, holdyourself accountable to those goals, and manage the business. Be able to dothings like have people report things out, automate the business as far asmanaging your workflows, sharing things out to your vendors, just reallyeverything you need to do to manage your real estate business. And then youhave challenges and, you know, throw some gamification into that. And otherthan keeping track of things on whiteboards, keep track of them on beautifulmonitors like you see behind me here. Right. Anyway, it's just that it's a funway to make a difference. And a big focus of ours is eliminating duplicate dataentry, getting rid of spreadsheets and basically having everything integrate sothat we can visualize and let people know where their businesses. So when youhave fun as things for me and seeing people right now starting to make businessdecisions on where they're spending money on their leads, which agents they'regiving those leads to, all of those had tough decisions can be made when youhave the correct it. Right. And then we're working with some of the leadcompanies like YLOPO and companies like Zillow, because they want to know whatis the conversion ratio the agents are doing on the leads they're giving tothem. Right. And what does that cost per lead, the cost per closing end upbeing? So there's just by knowing your numbers and understanding your businessand understanding what are the small things, if you break down a business andyou say, hey, I want to get to 500 transactions? Well, what are the smallthings you need to do every day to get there? We're going to make sure you'redoing those things.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:04:24] Yeah, well, that's fantastic. Andagain, it's a piece of the puzzle, if you will, to put it together and that,you know, you can save real estate agents, time efficiencies, be moreproductive. And so I appreciate the blessing that you had. And so we will dothe agenda now that you wanted.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:04:45] All right. And you're the first guestthat has ever asked me to tell him about SiSu. I guess that it's good that youran into that.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:04:57] Well, good and I'll I'll invite you onmy show. I have Agent Wealth Success and so I'd love to have you on there to beable to bless all of those people. But to answer to your question - really whatmy whole purpose, my soul's purpose, is to help people become their greatestpossibility. And my main niche, if you will. I used to call it niche. Now theycall it niche (neeche). But I bet my main niche is real estate. And I've been areal estate broker at four hundred and twenty agents. And that here in Texasand every major market in Texas. And what I would I would do five yearfinancial plans for my agents and so because I understand money, I understandhow it plays, if you will. And I also understand how we have beliefs that, alot of beliefs, that are buried within our subconscious mind, that prevent mostpeople from every money, in fact, the average agent makes thirty thousanddollars a year. This agent that I was with this morning makes over a milliondollars a year. And what's the difference? A real difference is your beliefsand the type of beliefs that again, are buried within your subconscious mind.The talk just a moment about the subconscious mind that the subconscious years,we all have a subconscious mind.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:06:24] And so we have a conscious mind that issupposed to be doing thinking about what we want and why we want it. That's it.But we've gone beyond that. We try to figure out how and everything. And thefather doesn't work. So we don't have to do that. We can just ask and thenreceive. But that's challenging for us because we don't have the faith belief.We think we got to do, do, do. And then when we end up is you do a lot of usswimming upstream, if you will, trying to find our stuff and none of our stuffthat's upstream. That's actually downstream. So our subconscious mind isrecorded every since conception and every experience we've had, every thoughtwe've had and every feeling we've had.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:07:14] And it has taken that in abouteverything under the sun, about every subject under the sun. And those opinionopinions are what we call beliefs. And so I've discovered a way to tap intothose beliefs and become our greatest possibility. So back to that. You know,I'm helping my real estate agents to create a financial stability and longterm. All of us are going to, you know, at some point whatever, retire. We'regoing to want to slow down or you want to travel more or whatever the case maybe, give more to charities, whatever it is. And so you need to build thatwealth. And most people aren't very effective in building it.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:08:01] So I would do a five year financialplans and these agents would tell me, oh, you got a give me leads, you gottahelp me build my business. And so I would. And so they would build theirbusiness significantly more than they ever had. And when I'd ask them monthslater, a year later, whatever. How's that business, the financial planninggoal? And now that your business is booming. And they'd say, well, you know, Igot this bigger house, a bigger car, nicer car or whatever. And they basicallyblew all their money. So I help real estate agents and brokers, not intechnology, but really in the mindset area to be able to build not only theirbusiness, but also their wealth. And basically, that's what I do.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:08:53] Awesome. All right. So are you thehappiest man alive?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:08:57] I am. And so can you. And so.Everybody, you just have to clean it and you have to own it.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:09:04] Which I just heard you do by saying"I am" right.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:09:09] Yeah. Exactly. Now you and we have to kind of watch that. The most two powerful words are. I am. And then whatever you say, after that, you can be calm, but not necessarily. And so let me share with you why, if you will, affirmations don't necessarily work unless you understand what I'm going to share with you. I use a lot of biblical quotes and I'm an ordained minister. And so I went to four years to seminary. I kind of understand this God stuff. I didn't understand it. And now I have a really intimate relationship with my source. God, the universe, whatever words you want to use. And so because of that, that in the Bible. Matthew, 18, 19, says that when two of you agree that then it will be manifested here on earth and the two of you. But, you know, I originally thought that that bed like two people and us two. You and I agree. And then we'll get it. But it actually was talking about our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. We have to agree. So the conscious mind of the conscious mind. I'll give you a funny little example. If the conscious mind, if you're saying I am and using that affirmation, I am wealthy, that now your subconscious mind looks at that and says, well, let's take a look at your experience with that.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:10:45] You know, you just were complaining theother day about not having enough money in the bank, OK? Or, you know, a dealwent south or whatever that may be. And what ends up happening is that yoursubconscious mind says, I have a different belief about you and you beingwealthy. In fact, you said you don't have enough money is in your friend. Infact, money is missing that, Fred. This thing all the time. So the US, we don'thave agreement. And so when the conscious mind says I am wealthy, thesubconscious mind, in essence says bullshit.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:11:28] If you're if you're walking aroundsaying, I don't have enough money, I'm broke. Like you just said. Yeah,essentially. They are telling themselves subconsciously, I am broke. Right.Even though they're trying to go the other direction. So the subconscious mind.I've learned a lot about this over the last few years as well. I've in the last10 years and even more over the last two or three. Awesome. And it's it'spretty incredible how powerful our subconscious mind is, which is actually morepowerful than our conscious mind. Right. Absolutely. And so how do you trainthat? Dr. Hank?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:12:10] Yeah. And so, so very good. And just tobe clear, who actually the commander is, is the conscious mind. The issue is,is that the commander has been saying a lot of things about what it does andyou don't what? And so this idea about wanting what it's really not good orbad, it's what's wanted or unwanted. And we. Most of us have thought more oftenabout the unwanted and thus we have created that on want it.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:12:45] So let me step back for a minute,because talk about the sub conscious mind and then we'll get to thesubconscious mind how to tap into it. But I am it's fascinating. I just lovethat, you know, you've been really getting into it the last couple of yearsbecause see, every major discovery like Einstein or Darryl brag about hissubconscious by he'd go off and dream about those formulas. And what I knowthat you've done and you've done the same thing on the technology, you've beenasking for answers, for solutions. Ivan, the technology. And then you've gotthe bad and you may be waking up in the middle of the night or that day. Youalso opened up your door and boom, the idea comes to you and you go, whoa, youknow, where did that come from? Well, the all powerful subconscious mind thatreally creates everything yet it's got an action, if you will. And I'm taking.But you're the one that's doing the asking.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:13:43] Can I add something to what you said,because I think it's really important that our listeners know, especially sincemost of them are in real estate and they're telling themselves negative thingsall day long, and the time that your subconscious mind works, which you justtalked about, is mostly at night. Right. That's when it's processing at such ahigh level. And before we go to bed, what are we doing? Are we planning out ournext day? Are we seeing all the positive outcomes happen in these meetings? Arewe reading positive things or are we watching movies about murder? Right. Soanyway, depending on what you're doing in that power hour, before you get outand make a difference in how productive you are in your day, you won't talkmore about that.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:14:32] Yeah, I do. And so we won't go on theconscious mind yet because I want to respond on that and just kind of tweak acouple of things. So the subconscious mind is actually working all the time. Ifyou were working on your behalf, that's the father does the work. However, theone of the best times to enter your conscious mind and to answer thesubconscious mind is when you are about to go to sleep. And the reason why is,is that you are at ease. Now you're just kind of drifting away. And so one ofthe things and I would start writing everybody on channeling right now. So thisis the perfect thing for you to have your years here. And by writing it down,being a mental scientist. Yeah, by writing it down. And it'll help reallyembrace this. But here is the first point...

Brian Charlesworth: [00:15:25] listener's if you're driving listenersor if you're in the gym, just listen and then go back and take notes on thesecond thing.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:15:33] Thank you. And so that before you go tosleep. Say to yourself and just drift yourself to sleep that I now sleep in. Isleep in peace. I now sleep in peace. And I awake in joy. And if you will dothat. I have helped people overcome nightmares, I've helped people overcomeinsomnia. They can't sleep that. And one of the just recently, in fact, justlast week, I helped someone with insomnia, couldn't sleep, just had such aterrible time. And there were a few other things with her. But for all of us, Idoubt if you will just drift yourself to sleep. Say that I sleep in peace andawake. And Joy, you will start seeing you having deeper, more sound sleep. Andwhen you wake up, you're all of a sudden feeling better. And it's like, oh,this is great. So and so kind of, you know, to address on at the side. To beclear, the subconscious mind is working on your behalf all the time. And inthat. But at night is a great time. Also the first thing in the morning,because we don't have a lot of resistance. Typically what happens is during theday of this deal, what s this person cut me off? You know, I had this argument,whatever. And we start to look at what is and we get so merged at what'shappening that we don't start.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:17:08] We don't use our imagination to startthinking about what we'll be and how we want it to be. We literally, Brian,have the power to call it the way we want it. But what we've done and so it'skind of like this that we have, let's say at night, we say, oh, I sleep inpeace. I wake and joy and. And then when I wake up, I do what's called the joyshop. Happy to give it to all of your listeners. Viewers hear the joy check.Just a magical thing that will will change that your thought process and makeyour days flow smoother, build your business, all kinds of things. So if youwant.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:17:52] What is it? What is it? It's the joy.What?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:17:54] Yeah. It's called the Joy Shop and theJoy Shop. It's in the morning. And it's where you read this joy shop that Ihave. And then you write down a few things about and basically prepareprepaying your life, your day and how you want it to be. So. But back to solet's say that, you know, at nine we're being this way in the morning. We'rethinking about what will be how we want it to be. And let's call that yellowanswer. We have that paint, if you will, yellow. But during the day, we startseeing other things that, you know, again, the deal goes south. The argument,we have a bad thought that doesn't make us feel good. And so let's call that red.So what has happened is we were thinking about yellow and asking for yellow.Then we started to think because see, our prayer is when we're on our hands andknees with our hands folded, on our knees with our hands folded. It is everyday, every moment and a conscious moment. That's our prayer. So I'm praying foryellow and I'm praying for red. What happens when you mix those two P-8stogether, those colors?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:19:05] What do you get? You get orange? Andwhat people say is I didn't ask her orange to say, oh, yes, you did. And that'swhy we don't think we were the creators of our experience. Because what we havedone is we have been thinking about the things we want and then the things wedon't watch and then we get this other stuff. And then the law of attractioncomes in and attracts like if I start thinking about the deal that went southor I don't have enough deal, enough business right now, what will happen is theuniverse, your subconscious mind will start creating not enough business foryou.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:19:44] So I'm thinking now I have enough. Iget bad enough. And that's why people are asking for money. That when they say,oh, I want money, but mostly that when they're saying that, they're saying Idon't have enough money.So versus saying, hey, I know that there is plenty ofeverything, that this is a universe filled with abundance, everlastingabundance, that I know there's plenty of money and I ask for money. Now,instead, it's more on, oh, look at my check, I got all these bills and then Ijust don't have enough money. I want enough money. But they're actuallyvibrating. I don't have enough money and they'll be given not enough money. Andso just understanding that can help you realize that. Oh, I better start payingattention to my thoughts.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:20:33] Absolutely. I love it. I've beenfascinated. Like I said, I've been fascinated with this for at least the last10 years before we got started. Today we know like we drove right in before wegot started. Today, I heard you call yourself a mental scientist.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:20:49] Yes. Yes.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:20:51] What does that mean? How do you becomea Scientist, Dr. Hank.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:20:55] So my undergrad went to the Universityof Wisconsin-Madison and my undergraduate business and then I became behaviorpsychologist and then I got into a mental science and basically it's a part ofthat was on looking at. So this is that I'm looking at the brain. To be clearthat this is looking at the mind, in other words, your thinking. And so to giveyou an example of the things that I learned in there is there are actuallythree still all of science impact, all like quantum physicists now have agreedto this molecular biologist, all of science have agreed that there are threesteps to create your experience, period. So the first step, according to thescientists and the first step is that everything starts with your thought. Yourthought? Not somebody else's. It doesn't matter what family you were born in.Doesn't matter how you were brought up. It doesn't matter what's going on rightnow. What matters is what you're thinking right now. So you're thinking aboutyour abandoned future. I can guarantee you that your future will be more abundant.If you're thinking about you don't have enough business, I guarantee you thatyou're not going to have much business in the future until you change thatthinking. So they again, according to science tests, at the first step is yourthought.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:22:29] That thought then becomes a what thescientists call energy. So thoughts create energy for you and I. What thatmeans for all of us. It means it creates emotion. That's why emotion is sopowerful. And most of us have been told, although you've been use your emotion,you use your intellect or whatever, and it just doesn't happen that way. You'renot going to create by just using your intellect and trying to figure it outthat will and you have these good emotions and you're excited about life inyour future business. And how more is there for you? All you have to do is askthat those emotions them create. What? What? So step three is thoughts createenergy and then energy create matter. MATTER.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:23:26] This is why thoughts become things andso on. You. We've all heard thoughts would come today. Well, how is that? Andso that's how it basically plays out. A even more dynamic than that is really.Thoughts are things because these thoughts are things that that so don't justthink like, oh, you know, I was thinking about high. Don't like somebody. Okay.And it doesn't have any impact on you. It has every impact on you as you'rethinking about something you don't like. Let's say just all of us could thinkof somebody you don't like and that you think about that. And what will happenis that will take your energy and lower your energy level to a place of maybeanger, fear, worry, whatever that may be. And then that becomes your point ofattraction. And so what are you. Where do you want to attract you and attract.Up here. High flying emotions from your good feeling, thoughts that you want toattract that or you want to attract the things you don't want that are in thislower vibration, if you will, because the whole universe is energy.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:24:48] Now, the beauty of this prime is, isthat we each have the power with our thoughts to mold the energy that createsworlds in anything we want. That's why all things are possible and so powerful,magnificent creators that we are. Is that with our thoughts, we can create AI.And so let me give you some concrete some examples, because some people say,oh, doctor, hey, you go there.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:25:20] Can I ask you a question? You talkedabout Start with your thought? Then becomes energy or emotion. And those arethe first two steps which then become matter. So you know, I listen to and reada lot of different things. And yet there's a couple of things I'll comparehere. One would be Simon Sinek. Right. Talking about the Y. Yeah. And isn'tthat essentially what he's saying as a thought. And why. And that emotion isthe passion behind that y. Right. And so passion is another word for emotion.Which if you listen to so many business lectures or read books, they talk sofrequently about how it's 80 percent passion that makes a successful businessentrepreneur rather than, you know, 80 percent knowledge. It's a passion whichthen drives execution. So I'm just sharing some things that that I've learnedthat I think I think relate and a hand. It's almost another way of sayingthis.Would you agree with that?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:26:25] Ah, yes. I absolutely. And so. Soremember that passion now that it all came from your thought. So actually,ninety nine percent of everything that we manifest that we experience in ourlife actually comes from our thought. So it originally comes from my thought.Now, we have been brought up, though, and we see all the time. I mean, if youwatch Sports Center at. I worked hard and that's how I got there. No, theydidn't. What happened was they have this thought about I want to be the best.And then they got inspired and they have this passion and that led them to. Andso it is so really underline and write down. If you're not driving whateverthey write down, it is inspired action. And so it's that doo doo doo, becausethen you got doo doo in your life. OK. It is that I'm going to think about myfuture, what will be and I'm going to take on how grand it is and how beautifulmy beautiful relationships.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:27:32] I have good health and I have a long,happy, healthy, wealthy life. And my business just continues to grow. My incomecontinues to grow. I've asked to the income where I don't even have to, youknow, show up anywhere. Well, that that. And when as we start thinking aboutthis glorious life that you're starting to plug into your imagination and whatyour imagination is and you can use it either way, you can imagine really goodones. What's it, life or or not? And the imagination is God's playground.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:28:12] And so when you think of it that way,that you realize that the thoughts that you have birthed above this gloriousimagination of your life and the future, that it is creating a better life notonly for you, but for everyone, because as you thrive, everybody else aroundyou thrives. So that's why some people say, like, wow, that's really selfish,Dr. Тhank, that, you know, you're just thinking of yourself. Well, let me tellyou, folks, you can think for another person and you can feel for anotherperson. And because those are the two components of creation that you can onlythink and feel for yourself. The other thing that I teach is don't be a PP anda PP is a people pleaser. Because if you try to please someone that today theymay be pleased, but see, they're changing too. And so you'll never be able tokeep up with them and you'll be swimming upstream. But if you do pleaseyourself, everyone else will be pleased. And that base will start to thrive andgrow as well. So really, all of us are like these emeralds that we throw allthat emerald into a divine pond of water.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:29:37] And the ripples of that divine watergoes and flows throughout all of humanity and all that is. And that's how alsowe impact so many. And that's why, Brian, you having that vision and vision isa godly vision, if you will. Universal vision. And because of that, that youhave helped so many. And will continue to help more and more because of yourvision versus if you said, hey, I just give up and people have told me no orI'm stuck, I don't have the solution, that what would have happened? Yes, youwouldn't have moved. Humanity had like it's moving to.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:30:18] Thank you for that example, I mean,this is very, very basic, but. We're always told to put the oxygen mask onourself first and then help the person next to us. And this is no different ifpeople are saying you're being greedy and doing that now. You can't make adifference for others until you've made a difference for yourself, right? OK.And I haven't asked you one question that's on my list yet.So we may not getinto that today. We may have to dial back.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:30:45] We're never on agenda. We're on God'sagenda.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:30:49] So on God's agenda, how important isgratitude in our lives? That's something we haven't talked about. And I reallywant to get Dr. Hanks' opinion on this.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:31:00] You bet. And what a powerful questionand just tells me more about how awesome you are, Brian. So what the scientistsforgot is God. And you get you and I have discussed our beliefs about God, theuniverse, whatever, and the emperor, everybody listening, use whatever word ismost appropriate. You know, it's the on-scene. Answer your thoughts. Can't seeyour emotions, can't see, you know, this law of attraction, all thesecomponents, if you will. So there's a lot of on-scene. In fact, I'm having aseminar calling, seeing me on scene and you can actually get it. But so here isactually the way of all of ARC's experiences. It's thought the scientists areright. It goes to energies. Scientists are right. But here's where theyskipped. God, the universe, whatever. And that is number three, that that youcreate with your emotion from your thought. You create with your emotion asignal and that signal vibration, if you will, and that is sent out to theuniverse, to God and your prayer, or because your prayers, your thought thatthat again turned into a signal, this energy and your prayer is immediatelyreceived and answered. And so people say to me, Doctor, hey, the money is inthe bag.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:32:30] You know, the person is in the bed nextto me. Whatever the case may be. And the fact is that it's in energy form andit's up to us. Step four and step four is to allow it, believe it expected. Icall it a lovely but expect it has to do with the subconscious mind. Tap intothat and then step five is receiving it. So the risk I share that with youabout gratitude is that this is actually a co-creative process. So we do theasking, OK, we do these signals, the feeling, and then the father does thework. And so then and you can call Law of Attraction, whatever that whathappens is that these components will come together, coöperative components, Icall them, come together to bring you your experience or as the scientists callmatter now.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:33:30] I still use the word gratitude,gratitude kind of sounds like somebody else did something and now they're, youknow, God did some whatever. And so it's like I wasn't part of it, but I justshared with you that actually I'm I'm I'm the co-creator of it that I got to dothe asking God and delivered the goods, if you will, and my stuff. And sobecause of that, I use the word appreciation. And so it is so even though thereis very little difference into that. It's these words like stop using workhard. that's no fun. Who the hell wants to work harder? But man, do I want toplay easy. OK, so where are you going to do? I'm going to go play. I'm going togo play. You know, people go, wow, cool. You know, they light up. I'll see himin the elevator. What are you doing? I'm just going to go play. I literallyjust did that. I don't want to ever go. I want to go play. And the lady justlit up like a light bulb. That's fine. What are you going to be doing? Oh, I'mjust going to go out and kind of be led wherever I go, whatever good feeling,you know, that I have. So back to this word appreciation that in the joy shopthat I mentioned where you read the joy shop and raises your vibration, it'sgood feeling. Thoughts that you read. And then I ask you to write down threethings. And so we'll go through all three right now. The first is what I desire.And again, I would recommend everybody to write this down, because if you startdoing this, the magic will happen. I have an agent who just joined me twomonths ago and I was just with her yesterday. And she's over four milliondollars worth of business in the last two months. And these are contracts thatare signed by our agreement. A contract signed these are listening signs. Andshe just had two closings, layoffs. Wednesday. OK. So. So this isn't just Dr.Hanks. So I land and we all feel good that actually the most important thing.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:35:45] I think a lot of people on here, Dr.Hank, may not know who you are and how you relate to real estate. So let's tiethat in, because you're in the real estate business for some time now onbrokerages, mortgage companies. Yeah. And before that consulted the majorcompanies like Coca-Cola, John Deere, Chase Bank. Right. So you have atremendous amount of business experience and somehow you've chosen to takethese skills and bring them to the real estate world. Yes. So I just wanteveryone to understand that that that's your focus is really improving realrealtors experience in this business. And if you're a realtor, I don't care ifyou're running a team, a brokerage, or if you're an independent agent, soloagent or an agent working on a team and all of those cases. It's so importantthat you have this mindset that you have this subconscious. Right. It's goingto change your life. So I just wanted to preface that because that is soimportant.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:36:48] Well, thank you for that, Bryan. Andthat is you explained it eloquently. And so, you know, it basically is. Yes.All those things that are true. Yes. I will help you build your business. Butit all does start with that mindset. And so I do want to go because of the joyshop. And we were talking about appreciation. I want to make sure that Icovered that. And then we can get into some of that real estate detail. And so,again, you read the Joy Shop. You then write down the first thing. Three thingsto write down. You write down what you desire.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:37:22] So what do you what? Oh, I what? Youknow, this is a new pleating. This is you. The commander. It's as you say. Andhere's what I want. And just assuming that you're going to get. So here's whatI want. And for everybody to start out with. I'm on a long, happy, healthy,wealthy life because all of us want that. And if you do that, star general,don't get specific. Where? Oh, I want four million dollars. In two monthsbecause there's too much resistance in that. And you you won't allow it.Because you won't have agreement with your subconscious mind. We'll get to thatin a couple of minutes. So write down what you desire.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:38:01] Then the second thing is to write downwhat you appreciate. And normally I recommended in the last 24 hours, we are soconditioned to get home and say, hey, how was your day? And we talk about allthis unwanted stuff about our day. And guess what? My word is powerful becauseit's articulated thought. So it's back to my thought. But it makes me morepowerful, but put it in the work. So I start talking about, oh, I have this baddeal. And then I Facebook to everybody on all of this terrible thing happened.Then what you're doing is you're creating how...

Brian Charlesworth: [00:38:41] You're putting fuel on that fire.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:38:44] Exactly. You know, just let's get moregas and just throwing it in the gas as your thought. OK. And you say thatyourself. I'm just not going to do this anymore. I'm I'm tired of swimmingupstream where none of my desires are. And I'm going to let go. And when youlet go and when you trust, you have faith and everything that I share with you,if you'll just do these simple steps, I'm telling you, your life is going tochange and indicated that your subconscious mind to things, but it will changeyour life, this mindset. And you'll go downstream. So the beauty ofappreciation is when you stand in a place of appreciation, like for some of us,it might be a little hard even finding something. So just I woke up thismorning. That's my heartbeat. Know that my bodily functions, I mean, you know,there's just incredible, miraculous things happening. All right. But you startdoing appreciate writing down. You appreciate. And what will happen is it willchange your thinking process to more positive, more of the wanted. But it alsotells the universe instantly, automatically. I want more of it.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:39:59] Like if you look at everything we havein this world today. Even roads. Right. Roads, water, food. But then you get itto the next level. We are communicating across the country right now on video.Everybody everybody can access this. It's going to be put out there for the worldto access that anytime they want. They don't have to be listening right now.Right. I mean, the world we're in right now, there is so much to appreciate. Sothere is.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:40:33] Amen to that. And again, for us to dothat, because we get stuck into this little my new to stop and I'll give you anexample. I have named B C, I not only help agents build that business, but Ihelp them in their personal lives, too. So I have an agent. She's in the middleof a divorce and I've helped her along the way with a relationship with herkids. And I'm being. And she text me and she goes off and she shows a picturescreenshot of, oh, she got this terrible e-mail that said that she has to go tocourt for this divorce thing. OK. And so I responded back to her. I said, youshould really be happy. It's a good thing, because if I'm not mistaken, thisisn't you going to court to find out if you're going to be sentenced to deathor life in prison. Right. And right away, she responds back like up. And justlet's all lighten up about this stuff, OK? And then I said, why don't you makethis court date fun and call it the way you want to. And start asking forhere's what I wanted out of this, that, you know, I want a fair settlement or,you know, whatever. The things that you are. But we get so involved about beingin this fear and we sit in the stands in this fear mindset or negative mindsetor, you know, we don't know mindset. And I like people's. Oh, I don't know. Younever know what will happen next. I know everything that's going to happennext. Something just great, big happy surprises. That's what I saw. And then Iget big happy surprises.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:42:04] So back to this appreciation for us tobe able to stand in appreciation, it automatically tells the universe. I wantmore of it. And the universe will deliver more of it. There is the powergreater than you and in your body here that loves you, supports you, and cangive you every and anything. That you desire. And so for all of us to light upin some member of Joy Shop, read the Joy Shop. Write down your desires. Writedown what you appreciate. And then the third thing is that you alluded toearlier is to actually prepays. So I call it prepaid - prepaid your day. Callit the way you want it. So let me give you some examples. And really, I wouldwrite these down because they're godly example bills that will help like yourload K and I'd have so many people that say, oh, you just have like my look.But ask for like prepaid in your day. You could say, hey, I want my travels.Don't even say traffic. Say, hey, I want my travels to go smoothly.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:43:08] Ok. But that say things like I want tolaugh more. I want to smile more. And you will be amazed is how the universeGod delivers to you reasons to laugh and smile. But the issue is that if youdon't ask for it, you're not going to get it either then by default. And so doyou want life by default? Or do you want to live a deliberate life on the waythat you want it? And these are the simple steps in order to have it the wayyou want it.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:43:42] Very well said. You mentionedsomething, and I do have a few questions. We are short on time. I do havequestions that we always wrap up with with our guest that I want to ask you,but since I haven't asked you one question that was on my list as that, whichmeans there's been a lot of fun. So you mentioned fair. Yeah. Let's talk aboutfair for a minute, because I think fair is what takes things away from us. Ihad a I learned a lesson maybe eight years ago. I used to have a fear ofheights. Yeah. And I actually went to a ropes course and they shared with me.You have this adrenaline come in and all this adrenaline comes in. And as soonas that goes to your head, it creates fear and ends. And they shared with me assoon as it goes to your heart, it creates fun. And so there was this fear andfun. And that's my choice. Right. This is just adrenaline. I'm choosing where Iroute that, which that has been a life changer for me. But I want to hear yourperception on fear and why we let fear get in the way. And how do we overcomethat?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:44:52] So fear is actually an acronym. You canwrite down F.E.A.R. False evidence appearing real. We actually measured fear.We were looking the insurance industry was looking for why people were dying.And they found out that people were dying. Heart disease is the number onekiller in America. They were dying from stress and then research to stress. Andthey found out that it was fear. So it was our own fear. And it's made up inour mind. Ninety three percent of the things that we fear they found out nevereven happened. OK. Never even happened. And those things that we did thereactually did something good. Like, for example, or I hope I don't get adivorce. You get a divorce. And then you met and beat Mr. Wonderful. That'swonderful. It's six months later and you go, oh, my gosh. I was fearing that.But it actually was beautiful. So here is the way to look at all life. Thatwill lighten your load and we'll give you everything that you want. This lifewe came here and we have a guidance system based on our feelings when we feelbad. It means that we're not thinking about this. The way the universe is awakeout is we your higher self is whatever that it is not thinking the way,idleness, way that your small subconscious, my conscious mind. It's, however,that when you feel good, you know you're on your life, your path. So that wecouldn't wait to get back here, if you will, to this place called Planet Earth,Mother Earth, because it has perfect contrast. There is everything you wantedit and everything you don't want in it, and all of us for ever more will berubbing up against this contrast in our life. Now, what most of us have done iswe have given a charge, OK, and a motion. We've given a charge to those thingswe don't want. OK, which we could also call those things we fear. All it is iswhat you don't want. So here's the easy way to do it. Because when yourecognize this is actually a blessing that birds. All this contraption stuff,you didn't want deals that went out the debord so bad. All those things youdidn't want. They actually birth new thought and new feelings of the life youdo. What? So it actually is creating a better life for you. But here's how todo it easily and quickly. And it will. We'll put you on your light pathforevermore. First of all, care most about how you feel. OK. So care most abouthow you feel. I care about feeling good. And so I want to feel good when I'mnot feeling good. I recognize I'm just thinking more things that I don't want.That when you rub up against anything you don't like, which you could callanything that you feel you.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:47:46] Don't put any energy into it, but justpoint to it and say, this is what I don't want. And then ask. So Christ said,turn the other cheek. When I was a kid, I had an abusive dad, so I thought heslaps one side. You know, you could say that. But what it actually meant wasthat this is what I don't want. And then I asked, what do I want? And when I'mable to ask, what do I want, God will give me the universe will give me myhigher self, will give me new thoughts, new ideas to a better life for me. Iwant better help them, more money and one more business. And then the fathershall do the work and give you all of those things.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:48:34] So that nips this fear right in thebud. You just observe it. You're the observer and you just say, that's what Idon't want. What do I want? And then you will start getting answers of what youdo, what that will create a better life.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:48:51] Thank you so much. I have two pages ofnotes here. Dr. Hank. In wrapping up and I'm going to have to spend some moretime with you, but in wrapping up today, just a few quick questions. What'syour favorite book or your favorite source of learning for of our listeners?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:49:07] So my favorite source of learning is byme breathing deeply, quieting my mind and then getting infinite intelligence tojust flow right into me. I've actually written 13 books, and so my mostfavorite book is my last book.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:49:22] Now I said nine books. Why didn't youcorrect me on that earlier?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:49:25] Now, who cares, but by 13 book is YourRoyal Path to Riches. It's on Amazon or whatever that you write. I'll send itto you. So I copy that. But Your Royal Path to Riches and I'll show you how totap into your subconscious mind. And then it has these powerful thoughts,prayers, if you will, that will create the life of your dreams.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:49:51] So get quiet. Tap into yoursubconscious mind and just be in the moment. Right. So we don't take time forourselves and breathing.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:50:00] Deep breathing. So five seconds in,five seconds out. It's the fastest way to connect with your source, with God,with all that is.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:50:12] Yes. So many of us here, how importantwater is. We always hear that, but we don't hear how important oxygen is. Godays without water. But we can't go minutes without oxygen. Right. There yougo. OK. Thank you for that. What's your favorite place?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:50:28] My favorite place is actually Egypt. Asfar as the physical place by my physical place on earth. Is Egypt just becauseit's the best art in the world there? It's old and everything day. Nobody canfigure it out. It's just awesome. So we go there every year. But but my mostfavorite place of all is flying high with my angels and all it is.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:50:53] What's your favorite thing to do inyour personal time?

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:50:55] Well, really is to be able to breathe,to meditate. And so I love doing that. I also love sharing with my wife,Sharon, that we said every night. And I, at the end of day, kind of gettingready for bed that we talk about the most wonderful things that happen to usthat day. And it's just a great way in order to launch off into wonderful, goodfeeling thoughts of the rest of the night.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:51:23] Yeah, that's great. Every day when Iget home, my wife asked me what was the best part of your day? She wants toknow. And it's not just a question like she wants to know. So I love that.You're blessed. How do people best get a hold of you? Because you or your booksor turn. So you think how do we all. How do we all. Yeah. Great. Into ourlives.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:51:47] Yeah. So do DR and my email.drhank@drhank.biz.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:51:54] So drhank@drhank.biz

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:51:57] Yep. You can text me and call me (214)753 7204. Go there, you get me up Facebook and you know all the social media.But if I can help you in any way, they help you become your greatest possibilitypersonally and professionally, especially in real estate. Just let me know.

Brian Charlesworth: [00:52:18] Okay. Thank you, Dr. Hank. It's been apleasure.

Dr. Hank Seitz: [00:52:20] Brian, thank you. You're awesome.Appreciate you. God bless you all. Take care.

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