The Shift In Real Estate That's Not Being Talked About: Control Your Fate With Owned Lead Generation

Frank A. Felice
July 9, 2019

If you missed the live webinar with Kyle Whissel, Owner of the Whissel Realty Group, San Diego’s #1 team and #128 on 2019 Real Trends + Tom Ferry, Top Teams by Volume check out the recording.

There’s a change in the industry that’s not being talked about nearly enough. 

Lead generation powerhouses such as Zillow or OpCity don’t want a paycheck from you anymore for leads. They want a cut right off the top of your commission check. 

And the percentage of that cut keeps getting bigger. 

They used to shell out leads to tens of thousands of agents. Now, they’re only giving them to a select group of agents. 

It’s not unreasonable to wonder if, soon enough, they’ll hire salaried agents and close the business themselves. The money isn’t in providing leads—It’s in closing them. 

So where does this leave today’s real estate team, brokerage, or agent? 

That depends on the type of business you run.

Are you dependent on 3rd party lead gen? 

Or can you generate and close your own leads? Can you teach your agents to do the same? Do you have a scalable system for measuring the efficiency of your activities, repeating, and scaling what works? 

In this webinar, we’ll talk with Kyle Whissel, who has been on real estate’s biggest stage talking about exactly this. One of the biggest reasons we wanted to talk with Kyle was a number that we recognized in his Sisu platform:

1.053MM YTD in commissions from purely OWNED lead sources. Specifically, that means SOI, Past Clients, Referrals from SOI. Farming, Referrals from Past Clients and Open Houses. 

Then, add in a nice 700k+ in commissions from other lead sources, including paid. 

That’s a healthy, scalable machine that isn’t dependent on external factors. 

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