“What kind of sales volume lift do your customers get when they use Sisu?”

Frank A. Felice
March 17, 2021

“What kind of sales volume lift do your customers get when they use Sisu?”

When a large potential industry partner asked the question I didn’t know the answer. We just hear the personal stories.

The Sisu teams who grew their business during the early real estate shut-down days of COVID by analyzing underperforming lead sources and strategically increasing spend on those better performing. They outpaced their market center competition and ended up having their highest performing year.

The single mother and solo team owner who recruited and rapidly grew her team using Sisu. She tripled her business in two years. She did the hard work, we just made her achieved goal charts “pretty” and visually easy to make data driven decisions.

Stories will always sell software, especially in this amazing referral driven industry. However, stories do not always resonate with development led decision makers of heavily capitalized, multi-billion dollar companies.

Working with our data science team we analyzed the pre-Sisu production data of our teams, brokerages and their individual agents.

Beginning in 2018, new customers provided us historical data in our standardized import templates. Many had legacy spreadsheet applications, competitive products and combinations of their CRM data coupled with spreadsheets.  Physical whiteboard data was manually entered into our import templates by VA's.

This baseline data is used by Sisu customers to visualize the historical seasonal dips and set lead measure, appointment, production goals. Sales contests are conducted to ensure that the agents were pacing towards these goals - making “seasonality” non-existent. 

Sisu customers lean in hard every minute, day, week, month and year over year as they prospect, reassess, adjust and maintain their efforts. Again, our goal is to make their hard work and production outcomes and goal pacing visually stunning, make the sales process fun and competitive for agents and data driven decisions visually easy. 

Over the course of the last four years this process of historical production imports compared to actual Sisu use has ran across hundreds and hundreds of teams, brokerages and thousands of agents.

Not every data element tells a growth story and there were astonishing growth outliers. However, data across hundreds of data points is pure and powerful. 

Sisu customers increase brokerage & team annual volume by 107% and agent annual volume by 28%.

There are many underlying system and process changes into why individual agent production growth volume would increase 28% annually.

Goal setting is the first step in Sisu agent use, seeing actual production in relation to goals, knowing not only how much commission they have made but also knowing how much they WILL make. Agents essentially coaching and learning how to build and grow their business using their personal dashboards, receiving motivational Sisu coaching messages and watching their name rise to the top of team and brokerage leaderboards.

Importantly, agent production on Sisu teams and brokerages individually grew by 28%; far outpacing team and brokerages industry standards.

Agents that are better at coaching themselves means that team and brokerage owners and leadership can scale, recruit, ramp and support new producing, more autonomous agents. They freed up so much time by streamlining data, gamifying their business, making decisions faster based on concise reporting and automating task processes.

So if you are a small team and question the cost of Sisu. Don’t hesitate. Lean in hard and put in the work. The minimal cost will be your best investment.

If you are a development organization at a multi-billion dollar company questioning if there is lift in Sisu sales performance management software. Don’t question it. Choosing to partner with Sisu will be your smartest investment.

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Frank A. Felice
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