Account Executive

As an Account Executive (AE) for Sisu, you will ensure an engaging and addictive experience for customers using our growth automation software platform. 

Customers will see amazing changes in their life and business as a result of using our solutions, however, it is a change in their business that requires effort to make a reality. That’s where you come in, to help consult, demonstrate and inspire them to use Sisu to make this change. 

This is what you can expect working at Sisu and many fast growing SaaS, software startups;

- There is a grueling amount of work.

- We value integrity, you want you to feel that you provide purpose to our team and customers, we want you to progress, and we value equality.

- You need to be a self-motivated problem solver. Your success in sales will depend directly on your ability to solve your clients problems. If you can do so, they will see you as a thought leader, consultant, and will trust you with their business and referrals. You may need to think outside of the box and work with the clients unique situation as well as working past limitations in our software. 
You will likely have a lot of inbound, hot leads who are ready to buy, but you should also be prepared to fill your own pipeline in order to reach quota. You should feel comfortable cold calling,  working with influencers, and making noise in the industry  in order to drum up business.

- You should feel comfortable asking clients for their business (credit card)  on the first demo.

- Software sales is fast paced. So is the pace of our development. You need to always keep up.

- You will lose customers. Those that are unexpected. Move on and learn.

- Given that we are a startup, you have the opportunity to rapidly advance professionally, work HUGE deals and get asked to be part of decisions and discussions with our critical team members. You will operate at a level of learning and opportunity may be much higher than that of your AE peers of similar experience levels at other companies.

- You will work closely with senior leadership. Don’t placate. We want your critical, professionally delivered feedback.

- We want you to make smart business decisions. We will trust you to make smart decisions, and when you don’t, we will ask “What did you learn, and what could you have done differently?

- You won’t be micromanaged, you will be held accountable by your sales plan and your peers.

- You want to get the job done from your beach house in California? That’s great. Just bring your A-game (and your laptop), every day. Having your butt in a seat for eight hours each day is not a part of the job description at Sisu (nor will it ever be), it is about outcomes that we each achieve and value we add for our team, customers, partners and affiliates.

- It is more important for us to find team members that fit into our culture, rather than often the right spots. You may not be in this role in 3 months, 6 months, or a year, but as long as you continue to add value to the team, you are going to be rewarded.

- Your writing skills should be impeccable.

1.1      Specific Account Executive Roles

You will provide direct sales responsibilities, and goal attainment on new customer contracted sales, including;

1. Meet weekly via with the Director of Marketing and Sales to discuss;

a. Demonstration to Trial Conversion Ratios and Strategy
b. Sales reporting - % to plan

2. If it isn’t in Salesforce, we are going to assume that it didn’t happen. We aren’t going to set minimum thresholds for calling, demonstrations, etc., we are going to give guidance on the metrics you need to maintain in order to hit your plan and give you all the support, tools, guidance, and feedback to ensure that you exceed your goals.

3. Conduct online demonstrations and provide feedback to the Business Development team to ensure that demonstration quality is maintained.

4. You will work closely with the Business Development team who will be responsible to facilitate demonstration scheduling. They work with you, not for you… treat them as your peer you will be golden.

5. Work with Sisu resources and help define, coordinate and execute sales and marketing campaigns.

6. Work with Sisu customer success resources on successful onboarding and implementation.

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