Customer Success Executive

As a Customer Success Executive for Sisu, you will ensure an engaging and addictive experience for customers using our software platform. Customers will see amazing changes in their life and business as a result of using our solutions, however, it is a change in their business that requires effort to make a reality. That’s where you come in, to help educate, train, demonstrate and lead customers towards this goal. 

You will ultimately define this roll through your creativity and problem-solving skills, but here are some responsibilities, requirements that we see as critical right now, what you can expect working at Sisu and many fast-growing SaaS startups;
- There is a grueling amount of work. Be prepared to give more than you get. If you are not passionate about helping our customers and impacting their lives through technology you will quickly burn out. 

- We want you to grow. Given that we are a startup, you have the opportunity to work with HUGE, high performing real estate teams and brokerages. You will frequently be on the phone with individuals who bring in over one million dollars personally, running businesses that bring in tens of millions of dollars. Learn from them. Learn how to work with them, and you will grow a high-powered executive mindset as well. Because of this, you will grow faster than your peers in more “corporate” roles. 

- Our customers are intense. They are sales people with CEO-type personalities. They are very demanding of themselves and of those around them.However, they are also extremely appreciative of a job well done. If your passion shines through, they will love you. And they will rave about you. 

- You need to be a self-motivated problem solver. Your success in this role will depend directly on your ability to solve your clients problems.If you can do so, they will see you as a thought leader, consultant, and will trust you with their business and referrals. You will succeed if you roll up your sleeves, dig in, and have a mindset that “no problem is too technical for me”—well, as long as it doesn’t involve writing code 😉

- No software product is perfect. You will need to think outside of the box and work with the clients unique situation as well as working past limitations in our software. You are always selling to the client. Your success in this role depends on it. 

- Customer success is fast-paced… like our development team with product releases and our sales team with new customer additions. You need to keep up. Consider yourself a highly tech-savvy person and you will become one. 

- We will lose customers. Those that are unexpected. Move on and learn. 

- You will work closely with senior leadership. Don’t placate. We want your critical, professionally delivered feedback. 

- You won’t be micromanaged, you will be held accountable by 1) your ability to help clients improve their businesses and lives and 2) the quantity of clients you are able to help do so. We will have clear metrics and dashboards for this which are tied to compensation. These metrics will be based primarily on the number of chats you are able to handle, the ratings on those chats, as well as inspiring clients to invest in implementation and onboarding packages, for which you will earn a commission.

- Your writing skills should be impeccable.

- Customers need assistance, training and follow-up. You and your team will be able to help immensely here by becoming an expert on the product and walk them through using videoconferencing and screen sharing.

- You might be tasked with creating help videos to demonstrate, writing Knowledge Base (KB) articles to walk the customers through how to setup and maintain.

- You are a direct conduit between our customers and the development team. Your feedback for enhancement requests and requirements are critical.

- Our development team is continuously evolving our products. You will need to stay in step with the team to document and inform customers of new features, product functionality changes via KB’s, email campaigns, and FacebookLive events.

- Much of our customer success today is handled via online chat. You and your team will monitor on-online chat on the Sisu platform and ensure that product questions are rapidly answered.  

- It’s important to illustrate the success that our clients are having with the product. You could help identify clients who are successful, and promote testimonial videos or articles.

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