Sisu Onboarding

Learn How to Get Started With Sisu.

Don't overcomplicate things—there are five basic steps to get Sisu up and rolling, and our team will be with you for anything you need.

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Step 1: Import your 
past data.

You’ve probably already been tracking some data, and you probably want that data imported into Sisu. Our team helps with that. We can do two types of imports: transactions and activities.

1. Import Agent Roster and set Up Agent Accounts

First, send us an agent roster so that we can get all of your agents set up. We won’t email your reps till you’re up and rolling.

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2. Formatting and importing
custom tracking spreadsheets

If you’ve been tracking transactions on custom spreadsheets (or need to pull a file from existing systems), this is the next step…

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3. Full Service cTE spreadsheet migration

If you’ve been using CTE, our team has a full service import process. Instructions are here on what and how to send us your CTE spreadsheets.

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4. Importing historical lead
generating activities

Finally, do you have a file containing historical lead gen activities such as dials, conversations, or appointments? Here is how we can import (not required).

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Step 2: get training on your time.

The training videos below will teach you the core concepts that you must understand to have success with the platform. Take your time with them. It will pay off.

Required: General Onboarding

All Sisu Admins (and all of your team members, really) need to watch this video to understand the basics of Sisu. There are only a few core concepts that you really need to understand to get value out of the platform. After 30 minutes, you’ll have a grasp on those core concepts and be ready to kill it with the Sisu solution.

Bonus Modules

Step 3: Connect!

All your real estate technology solutions data visualized and gamified in real-time. Combine all the data from your systems into Sisu dashboards and leaderboards to make rapid data driven decisions and increase accountability.

Step 4: set up project management workflows for transactions

Sisu helps you standardize your workflows in the same way it helps you standardize your sales process.

This article will help you build out the right templates and processes to make sure every transaction is smooth like silk.

Step 5: download the app!

Sisu users are on the go…everyday, 24 x7. Make sure you download the Sisu mobile app.

Step 6: keep pushing forward

Join our Sisu Mastermind group to learn about new and innovative ways to use our solution. Network with people who are doing it best.

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