Sales Development Representative

As a Sales Development Representative for Sisu, you will lean on your sales skills to persuade and encourage prospects to take the first steps in their Sisu journey. Customers will see amazing changes in their life and business as a result of using our solutions, however, we’re working against one huge competitor: “Do Nothing”. It is your job to be the catalyst and make things happen. 

You will ultimately define this roll through your creativity and problem-solving skills, but here are some responsibilities, requirements that we see as critical right now, what you can expect working at Sisu and many fast-growing SaaS startups;

- There is a grueling amount of work. Be prepared to give more than you get. If you are not passionate about perfecting your sales process and impacting their lives through technology, you will quickly burn out. 

- We want you to grow. Given that we are a startup, you have the opportunity to work with HUGE, high performing real estate teams and brokerages. You will frequently be on the phone with individuals who bring in over one million dollars personally, running businesses that bring in tens of millions of dollars. Learn from them. Learn how to work with them, and you will grow a high-powered executive mindset as well. Because of this, you will grow faster than your peers in more “corporate” roles. 

- You should plan on staying in this role for six months and if all goes well, you will be first in line to open up a new territory. However, due to high growth, the last SDR who came on with Sisu was promoted faster than that. 

- Speed to lead. If we are even talking to you, you know the importance of response time in everything that is sold. You will be measured, evaluated, praised and rewarded by your response time.

- You’ll be working in fertile ground. We have an abundance of inbound leads, averaging just over 300/mo for the past 12 months. Over half of these leads are pricing requests from our website, the other half are a mix of webinar generated leads and demonstration requests. There are an additional 2400 leads sitting in our Salesforce account, and an endless supply of colder leads available through some of our tools such as ZoomInfo. 

- Leveraging tools to the max will help you multiply your efficiency. Salesforce is our CRM and data store. Outreach will allow you to build sales sequences that are automated, manual, or a combination of both. ZoomInfo is the largest database of contact information in the world. 

- You’ll have a supporting team. Over the past few years we have relied on a highly skilled outsourced team to follow up on inbound leads and set demos. They’ve done great, but we feel that it’s time to take it to the next level with you. The outsourced team will still be on staff helping you build lists, clean data and find prospects. They’ll help you stay on the phone putting up big numbers rather than completing manual tasks. Our goal is to keep you on the phone having intelligent and thoroughly researched conversations with sourced leads.

- You need to be a self-motivated problem solver. You will excel in this role when you are able to ask the right questions and uncover core needs in a prospects business within just a few minutes on the phone with them. This will build immediate credibility and make all the difference in your pitch. 

- The real estate industry is well connected. A good majority of the most well known names in the industry use our solution or are partners of ours. We integrate with the major players in the space. Use this to your advantage! It will help you gain credibility immediately even with the coldest of leads. It will help you target segments of the industry that are already warmed up to us. 

- SaaS sales are fast paced. The landscape of technology in the industry is complex and changing. Our product releases new features every 2-3 weeks. You need to keep up in order to establish yourself as an expert. 

- You should be comfortable with rejection. Don’t let it get you down. Learn any applicable lessons and move on to the next one. 

- You will work closely with senior leadership. Don’t placate. We want your critical, professionally delivered feedback. 

- You won’t be micromanaged, you will be held accountable by your numbers and growth as a salesperson. 

- Do you want to get the job done from your beach house in California? That’s great. Just bring your A-game (and your laptop), every day. Having your butt in a seat for eight hours each day is not a part of the job description at Sisu (nor will it ever be), it is about outcomes that we each achieve and value we add for our team, customers, partners, and affiliates.

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