Growth Automation Software for Real Estatate: Sales performance + transaction management + business intelligence software

Growth Automation Software for Real Estate

Uncertainty brings opportunity to real estate teams and brokerages that have access to rapid and real-time data. Sisu gives Kyle Whissel, owner of Whissel Realty Group | eXp, one view of his multiple real estate systems to make these key decisions, to hold his team accountable with TV designed leaderboards and dashboards and to motivate them with fun and competitive sales contests. 

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Growth Automation Software for Real Estate

Sisu’s real-time access to CRM and transaction management data turns uncertainty into opportunity for Kyle Whissel, Whissel Realty owner.

Get started in seconds, go live in minutes.

Trusted by 50 of the top 200 teams in the country

Increase Productivity and Accelerate Sales Growth

Data Driven Decisions From Your Combined CRM and Transaction Management Data

CRM and transaction management software is critical to your business but when it isn’t combined – it doesn’t tell a complete story. Real-time data sharing with Sisu takes your historical and live data to the next level, telling the complete story of your business so that you can make data-driven decisions.

Sales Contests & Real-Time TV Designed Leaderboards & Dashboards

Using your real-time CRM and transaction management data, increase brokerage, team, agent and transaction coordinator performance, recognition and competition with fun and competitive sales challenges and leaderboards that measures results.

Smarter Coaching Meetings

When you know how each of your agents pace towards their personal, team and your brokerage goals, 1-on-1 coaching meetings are focused, productive and effective.

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Integrations & Automated Data Imports

All your real estate technology solutions data… visualized and gamified in real-time. Combine all the data from your systems into Sisu dashboards and leaderboards to make rapid data driven decisions and increase the accountability of your agents, transaction coordinators, and real estate recruiters.

Industry Insights

Stay up to date on the latest real estate technology news and sales best practices. Check it out!

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